Department of Business Law, Faculty of Law

Department of Social Psychology

Educational Objective

The activity and the business which feed a needed legal mind with enterprise society, as well as are as a businessman, the human resources who learned the management ability which it is needed at a place of indispensable modal knowledge and practice of business management, when starting new business, are trained with educational objective.

The Outline

Since consumer's consciousness rises a problem of food and environmental issues in the recent years, and in the business activity, compliance (decree obeying) management is strong and desired. The nature of the enterprise, social advance, complication and internationalization are predicted as a background, quick correspondence to an impossible situation could be asked. After learning the basic skills, to learn a law through "law guide" in our department, the ability to have enterprise society in mind, learn the management ability necessary to practicing business management in addition to the indispensable modal knowledge, principle of law theory, and lead a legal issue to a solution is kept.

The Characteristics

The curriculum, which made students which would like to play an active part as a businessman in the future the subject is organized in our department. The business administration related subject useful for "bookkeeping's", "tax accounting", and "accountancy", understanding business activity, as well as, a subject related to law are being arranged a lot.