Message from a Faculty Representative

Yoshihiko Iijima
Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism Management

飯嶋学部長Toyo University opened the Department of Tourism Studies at Toyo University Junior College in 1963. Since then, the Department has been a pioneer that serves as an institution of tourism studies and education, with a history extending more than half a century. In light of this status, by maintaining contributions toward activating and creating tourism, we hope to lead the national policy of becoming a tourism-oriented country from the aspect of student education and academic research. 

 In close coordination with the tourism industry and administrative agencies, we will then provide cutting-edge practical classes that satisfy the educational needs of industry, etc., while actively exploring new fields of academic study related to tourism.     

 Meanwhile, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has been sharply increasing in recent years. In order to meet their needs, we aim to develop human resources with abundant entrepreneurship who have a deep understanding of Japanese culture, history, industry and local communities and can conduct marketing for and manage Japanese local communities, culture, industry, products and services from a global perspective. Furthermore, we will foster individuals who can think logically, have great communication skills, and who consider tourism from an international perspective to promote smooth tourism exchanges.    

 In addition, to support rapidly-progressing overseas expansion of Japanese service companies, we aim to develop human resources who can work together with people of different cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking while managing relationships with them in a different environment, and who can also act voluntarily and actively without fear of failure.