SGU Room in the faculty of Information Sciences and Arts

SGU Room (Super Global University Communication Room) in the faculty of Information Sciences and Arts has been established on the first floor of Building 7 as a part of the globalization of educational activities at the faculty of Information Sciences and Arts.

In addition to English, SGU Room is staffed by native Chinese language instructors and TAs (Teaching Assistants), who regularly hold Chinese language study classes to provide a variety of foreign language learning opportunities. Moreover, multinational TAs from China, Vietnam, and other countries support the campus life of international students. We are also making efforts to support cross-cultural exchange and international students in the Asian region.In the SGU Room, we have not only reference books for language qualifications such as TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS, but also English magazines, literary books, and trendy foreign films. All of them are available to rent, so please take advantage of this great opportunity to experience foreign cultures.

SGU Room is not only a place for language study, but also a place to experience international culture and to accelerate the communication between Japanese students and international students, which further promotes cultural diversity in the university.