Academic Staff and Research Field

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Name Position Research field
ADACHI Yoshihiro Professor Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering
ISHIHARA Jiro Professor Aesthetics (Theory of Sensations and Emotions), The World from Perspective of Art
UEHARA Minoru Professor Cloud Computing, IoT, Internet, Programing
OTSUKA Yoshiomi Professor Urban Environmental Engineering, Environmental Behavior Psychology, Environmental Economics, Social Marketing
OZAKI Haruo Professor Traffic Control Science, Urban Engineering, Service Evaluation, Intelligent Transportation System
KATO Chieko Professor Clinical Psychology, Psychometric Statistics, Sport Psychology, Art Therapy, Yoga Therapy
Website of “Laboratory for Human Mind and Sports and Information Technology”
KAWAI Hiroshi Professor CG, CAD, Physics Simulation, Social Simulation
KOSE Hiroyuki Professor Building Environmental Engineering, Environmental Conservation, Community Design
SHIOYA Ryuji Professor Supercomputing, AI Simulation, Application Development
SHIMADA Yuji Professor IT Governance, System Audit, Information Security, Management Engineering
Philosophy, Information Creation, History of Social Thought
SUGIMOTO Futoshi Professor Research on Human Interfaces that Reflect Sensibilities, Including Taste and Ease of Use (Research focusing on the theme of considering the face as a means of communication)
TADA Terutoshi Professor Media Design, Information Science, Content Development (Image Arts, Web, CG, Animation, Games)
TAMURA Yoshiaki Professor Computational Mechanics, Simulation, Image Analysis
TSUCHIDA Kensei Professor Visual Software, Graph Algorithms, Applied Systems, Artificial Intelligence
Professor Network Computing, Multimedia Simulation, Computational Mechanics

Information Design, Media Design, Analysis of Mechanism of Internet Flaming, Analysis of Difference between Homage and Plagiarism

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MIHARA Takashi Professor Research on Computational Complexity, Algorithms and Quantum Information
YUBUNE Eiichi Professor Linguistic Psychology, Applied Linguistics, Phonetics, E-learning Material Development
CARLSON Rebecca Associate Professor Media Anthropology, Globalization and Nationalism, Bioinformatics and Bioscience, Qualitative Methods, Film and Video Production, Japanese Society 
KIOKA Keiko Associate Professor Autonomous Driving Society, Risk Literacy, Safety Education, Aptitude Test (Railway), Survey and Statistical Analysis
GOTO Takaaki Associate Professor Software Engineering, Software Development Education
TAKECHI Michiko Associate Professor Business Administration, Marketing, Distribution Theory, Regional Revitalization
ZHENG Hongjie
Associate Professor
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Computational Mechanics
MAEHARA Shingo Associate Professor Sociocultural History, Media Culture Theory, Western Literature, Higher Education Theory
MURAKAMI Makoto Associate Professor Entertainment Computing, Game Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Speech Processing, Computer Graphics
Website of "Media Information Laboratory"
AOKI Koichiro Lecturer Sports Science, Biological information Measurement/Analysis
ISHIMURA Koshiro Lecturer Ergodic Theory, Probability Statistics, Periodicity Characterization, Psychometrics
KANEKO Masaya  Assistant Professor Applied Linguistics (Corpus Linguistics), Vocabulary Acquisition Theory, English Teaching Method
KIRISHIMA Tadaaki Assistant Professor Software Science, Graph Theory, Computer Literacy
KOBAYASHI Kai Assistant Professor Sports Biomechanics, Sports Coaching
KOMATSU Shogo  Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology, Psychological Assessments, Art Therapy
FAN Ziran Assistant Professor Analog on Digital, Applied Design