Frequently Asked Questions

Note: These questions and answers are applicable to students newly enrolled in 2021 academic year onwards. Students enrolled in 2020 academic year or earlier are asked to refer to the Academic Catalog.

Q: What can we learn at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts?

A: You can learn about various fields that respond to society’s changes and needs, such as information, psychology, sports, and media. Learn about AI and data science in the Systems Information Course; psychology (Certified Public Psychologist and other qualifications) and sports (NSCA-CPT, NSCA-CSCS, etc.) in the Psychology and Sports Information Course; and production (CG, games, AI applications) and media (TV, broadcasting, video, and Web) in the Media Culture Course. At our Faculty, students learn about these fields in easy-to-understand classes and seminars with lecturers who are friendly and pay close attention to each student.

Q: There are three courses: the Systems Information Course, Psychology and Sports Information Course, and Media Culture Course. Which one will I be placed in? When does it start?

A: When you advance to your second year, you will choose one course among from the three courses: Systems Information Course, Psychology and Sports Information Course, or Media Culture Course. As there is a limited capacity for each course, you cannot always advance to the course you wish. However, even if you cannot advance to the course you wish, you will be still able to take classes in other courses.

Q: There are so many subjects, I don’t know which ones I should take.

A: First, please refer to the curriculum map and select subjects related to the course you wish to take. As we have course model plans according to future career paths such as IT, management, public service, psychology, sports, psychological sports, and media course models. It is important to think and create your own plan, so please proactively consult with our lecturers. They will be happy to give you advice. If you wish to know the specific details of each subject, please refer to the syllabus.

Q: I am not very familiar with computers...

A: You do not have to worry even if you are new to computers at the time of admission to our University. The Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts offers a curriculum with many practical training opportunities so that beginners can learn in a step-by-step manner. However, you will have to accurately understand and practice in order to acquire the skills. We have a fully-equipped PC laboratory on our campus, so you can make extensive use of it.

Q: I major liberal arts and I am not good at mathematics. Will I have a problem?

A: You will be fine. Mathematics is not a required subject of the Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts. However, mathematical thinking is important. Therefore, we offer information mathematics courses that you can learn from the basics of set theory, permutations and combination, probability and statistics, etc. Also, if you have any concerns about mathematics or English, please feel free to use the Basic Education Cooperation Center.

Q: Are there any seminars or graduation research in the Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts?

You will be assigned to a seminar in your third year. And you will conduct the Graduation Research/Graduation Project (Required) in your fourth year. This will be the culmination of your four years of learning, so please focus your efforts on it.

Q: Can I tour the campus?

A: We will conduct an online campus tour. We also plan to hold our online open campus and live learning sessions. For more details, please refer to the Entrance Examination website ”Event Information.”

Those who have other inquiries

Please contact the Education and Student Affairs Section, Kawagoe Campus Office.