Information Networking Social Infrastructure Course

Acquiring the skill to build application of ICT to create enriched society and well-being with networking


Human resource development for application of ICT to urban infrastructure and well-being

The city is supported by infrastructures such as buildings, roads, water and wastewater services and electricity supply. The application of ICT to design and utilization of such infrastructures is essential to support complex and advanced urban activities.
ICT applications to environmental management, healthcare, comfortable and convenient living, culture and community are widely developed for creation of enriched well-being.
The Information Networking Social Infrastructure course builds capacities on basic approaches of ICT applications to urban infrastructure and well-being.

Focused curriculum for development of capacity of application

Buildings and various facilities have been designed and maintained individually according to the purposes. This course provides holistic concepts, planning, design, management and ICT applications. Rapidly growing application of ICT to well-being is taught. Basic course concept is to nurture capacity of flexible thinking and application of technology to catch up with future change rather than mere understanding and memorizing the current knowledge because the development of ICT is very rapid.

Career paths

Public sector, construction, commerce, services and others