10. INIAD Extra-curricular Activity Groups(Circles)

10-1. Circle List

10-2. Establish a New Circle

10-2-1. About the Circle Activities at INIAD
10-2-2. Application Documents

10-1. Circle List

Name of the Circle Activities of the Circle Photos
 English Communication Circle

The purpose of ECC(English Communication Circle) is to interact with international students. We enjoy cultural games from various countries in English.
To know the charm of Japan, we will sometimes visit famous spots together.

Mail: Iniadecc@gmail.com

 INIAD Developers INIAD Developers is the oldest programming circle in INIAD.We are a group of INIAD students who love programming. We usually chat in the circle room or in the classroom for technical exchanges. We teach each other what we are good at, and chat about our favorite technologies... This is a great place for technical exchange! We also hold study sessions about programming and LT events. We welcome not only who are confident in your skills but also those who are beginners. If you have any trouble with programming, our friendly seniors will teach you until you understand! We are currently working mainly online calls, which can make up for the lack of interaction between students in online classes. Please feel free to contact us!

Mail: iniad.dev@gmail.com
Twitter: @INIAD_Dev
Website: INIAD Developers
 Birthing Tune Liaison Akabanedai Campus light sound Circle BTL!
We currently work with 60 members. I freely go to the band from my favorite music. Many beginners are also recommended to those who are going to start college, because they will tell you more about each part of the experience in the beginner's course.
Please come and see me if you care!

・Regular concert
・School festival
・Beginner course and Meeting

〇Contact Information
Mail: btl_t_a@yahoo.co.jp
Twitter: @B_T_L_T
INIAD Minecraft  Our circle is working with the goal of having a relationship and creating works through the PC game Minecraft. Regular activities can be attended online. If you like Minecraft or are interested in Minecraft, please feel free to contact us!

Contact Information
Mail: minecraftiniad@gmail.com
Twitter: @MinecraftINIAD

 TRPG Circle

“Star-Spawn of Cthulhu”

I enjoy TRPG about one day a week. Including the call of Cthulhu, which gradually became famous in Japan.
Why do not you experience the world of TRPG?

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101801408@iniad.org



(INIAD Game Creaters Circle)

GSC is a club certified by INIAD for creating computer games. We mainly use Unity Game Engine. Of course, you can use another one. If you are interested in creating computer games with us,
please contact us on the below email or come to our clubroom!

Contact Information
Mail: igc2-iniad@googlegroups.com
HP: https://igc2.jp/

 FC GIOCOSO Activities
Futsal and Soccer

Activity Locations
Akabane Sports no Mori Koen and Toyo University General Sports Center

Activity Days
Once a week on a weekday

We are an active futsal team. Anyone who like soccer or futsal, please join us.

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101700776@iniad.org

Create something new

Activity locations
Club Room 3

Activity days
Every Saturday (9:00-17:00)

Do you have something that you want to create?

Contact Information
Mail: cc_iniad@yahoo.co.jp

RAISON DȆTRE  Activities

Activity locations
Akabanedai Campus

Activity days
Monday and Tuesday (8:00-20:30)

We welcome beginners!
Enjoy creating music with us.

Contact Information
Mail: raison.iniad@gmail.com

 Dance Circle


We enjoy dancing to all kinds of music. Let’s dance to your favorite music!!
・INIAD HALL, Rental studio
・Available time
・We cherish the environment coordinate and active.

Contact Information
Twitter: @Kotlin_iniad
Instagram: kotlin.iniad
Know the current state of the world and visually disseminate – This is the goal of TATFO’s activity. Do you know “SDGs”? This is one of the international goals including poverty problem and so on. TATFO believes that visual expression is important. If you want to know about our detail circle activity, please send e-mail or contact Twitter direct message. Activities: Search various international issues and make something about it Activity locations: Intramural Society Room 6 or classroom Activity Date: secret

〇Contact Information
Mail: contact@tatfo-pm.com
Twitter: @tatfo_pm

 INIAD Art Works Collect illustrations, create books, and sell them at school festivals. Activities are irregular.

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101802140@iniad.org
 Noah’s Ark

Through board games and TRPGs which are non-electronic games We are deepening exchanges beyond the grade level. " I've never done it, but I want to know about non-electronic games! " " I want to play such a non-electronic game! " I am waiting for you. We are active both online and offline Basically, the activity time is decided once a week with reference to the timetable of the circle members. The activities of each member of the circle are also active except during the activity hours! At last year's INIAD Fes Make your own TRPG and publish the play video I was delivering a play video of a board game.

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101900172@iniad.org (representative address)
Twitter: NoahsArk_INIAD (Circle account)

 Internet Media Creating Club Webmedia Circle is a circle that aims to be a news media on campus. We collect and report information about INIAD and Toyo University Akabanedai campus, and we hold "INIAD Times" (https://iniad-wm.com/ [Japanese]) which is the online campus newspaper. We also hold online welcome event for looking circles in spring. In addition, we hold study sessions to share knowledge and improve skills for web programming and design in the circle. We welcome who want to send out information, as well as who want to utilize and improve your skills! We are always looking forward to your participation. You can see the INIAD Times article about our club at https://iniad-wm.com/2020/12/circle-dictionary-1-webmedia-circle [Japanese]. Please check our Twitter and the INIAD Times for information on our activities!

Contact Information
Mail: info@iniad-wm.com
Twitter: @iniad_webmedia
Web: Here

 Saruyama We mainly work on volunteer activities. Participate in local festivals and go to Shibuya to pick up trash on Halloween.

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101802847@iniad.org



Make plans and conduct activities on Japan.

〇Activate day
spring or summer vacation

Contact Information
Mail: aoharuride5122@gmail.com
Twitter: @aoharuride5122


Lets taking picture!
And we also play sports and watch the movie.
Come in~~~ have a nice INIAD Life~ !

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101704062@iniad.org

Board game club 

Make exchanges among members through board games such as mahjong and shogi and improve skills.

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101703386@iniad.org
( Representative's email address)
 INIAD TCG Circle It is a circle that handles TCG(Trading card game) general centering on Yu-Gi-Oh!
We are active around the exchange meeting once a month!
Inexperienced people are welcome!

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101900295@iniad.org
Twitter: @iniadtcg



We are only badminton circle in the INIAD.
Active the gymnasium in KItaku.
Activity is done twice for a week.
Let’s enjoy the badminton with us!!
Please send to email!!

Contact Information
Mail: s1f101800597@iniad.org

INIAD quiz circle 

Participate in numerous tournaments held inside and outside of the university, and also manage quiz competitions.
We will do research on quizzes.
Circle members are just quiz-experienced people! Quiz can be played easily anyone, so you can join us anytime! Please ask us anytime!
We practice and gather to quiz for competition twice a week and we prepare to manage a quiz game.

Contact Information
Mail: iniad.quin@gmail.com
 INIActors INIActors is a drama club in INIAD. We perform the stage once a year at INIAD-FES (University festival). Since our main activity is rehearsing for the stage, activity days are irregular. In addition to acting on stage, you can show your creativity such as scriptwriting and designing posters. We also welcome people who like to handle equipment such as sound and lighting. Why don't you join us in creating the stage?

Contact Information
Mail: iniad.engeki@gmail.com
Twitter: @iniactors
Instagram: @iniactors

Web: Here(The viewing, You must be logged in account of iniad.)
 Focus We hold regular photo sessions about four times each season. During long holidays, long-distance photography sessions will be held in the form of training camps.

〇Contact Information
Pachira Horse  We play fighting games. Members bring each best game and fight to share joy.

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101802386@iniad.org
 The Shawshank We are movie club. Enhance our artistry by watching various movies. Not only watching but also creating movies. Activity days are irregular, activity place is empty classrooms. Please feel free to join our club.

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101902905@iniad.org
Twitter: @toyo_shawshank

 IoT (INIAD official Tennis-club) We’re playing tennis for about twice a week.

〇Contact Information
Mail: iniad.iot@gmail.com

TAMAGO  Let's enjoy sports.

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101901566@iniad.org
 Seirenes Let's feel songs more closer through Karaoke. The people who like a song, singing and Karaoke, let's work hard together.

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101803916@iniad.org
 FC NOUVEAU In this club, we are playing soccer on Wednesday within around twenty members every week.
Everyone is welcome if you have an interest or like to play sports even if you never played it before.
Join us once and let’s have fun!

〇Contact Information
 RAZ It is e-sports circle moving in Akabanedai campus (INIAD).
A member of each circle pours passion and an effort into a game of each expertise. And we work together in competition with the goal of winning a prize at the official meeting.
By the everyday activity, I work hard at an ordinary assembly or an off-line fighting game exercise and perform the on-line game activity out of the campus.
The section in our circle becomes Super Smash Bros section, Dead by Daylight section, FPS section, the street fighter section now. As you establish the new section as well as a section participant, please feel free to contact me.

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101901296@iniad.org
 INIADventuresy Main activity is to make a plan which is what we do during holiday at a meeting. For example, we go skiing on winter holiday and diving on summer holiday. To make a good activity like happily and efficiently, we hold a meeting once a week and then, make a more detailed plan.

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101901881@iniad.org
 Algorithm Caballeros We believe that algorithms is the heart of Computer Science. And only by fully understand algorithms, how they work, how they were formed, what are their purposes, that we can do our best to develop new useful things for society. So this circle has three main activities:
- Self-teaching about algorithms, data structures
- Practice Programming on various online platform such as Codeforces, or TopCoder
- Take part in annual ICPC Regional Contest

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101800058@iniad.org
 Editore  We’re “Editore”, the clip making club. Our goal is to share lots of knowledge and make clips for INIAD-FES and competitions. Beginners will soon be able to make massive clips because we’ll open lessons every two months. If you have any interest in music videos, MAD, 3D movies, Animations and more, please contact us right away!

〇Contact Information
Mail: s1f101902017@iniad.org 
 INIAD kITchen The purpose of INIAD kITchen is to imporove own skills and team development ability through creation. You can learn technical skills at regular study sessions. We aim to make a circle activity not only for class but also for the future.

〇Contact Information
 iNext This is a community circle with entrepreneurship as its hub. By releasing products from 0 to 1, we will sublimate the various specialized skills acquired in INIAD into something more practical. We welcome both those who want to work seriously and those who want to loosely participate in our activities! This is an environment where you can learn valuable lessons for the future, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested!

Twitter : @iNext_official
Animal protection club  We are mainly engaged in animal protection activities. We will promote study sessions and projects that we will work on throughout the year, including weekly meetings. If you are interested, please contact us. ー 


10-2. Establish a New Circle

In order to establish a new circle, students are required to submit an application form to the administration office. Please read "INIAD 公認サークルの設立申請にあたって" carefully, and apply for it if you require to establish. All the documents related to a new circle are found in the file of サークル活動に伴う事務連絡 in Google Drive.