8. Housing・Change of Residence

8-1. Information on Housing

8-2. Guidebook for Tenants

8-3. Comprehensive Coverage for International Student Housing(For International Students)

8-4. Change of Residence(Moving)

8-1. Information on Housing
8-2. Guidebook for Tenants
8-3. Proxy-Guarantor System(For International Students)

When you rent an apartment in Japan, you must have a guarantor, who pays your rent on
your behalf if you cannot pay it due to unavoidable circumstances. While Japanese students generally
ask their family members or other people close to them to become a guarantor, many international
students cannot easily do so, and have to use a guaranty company.
In AY2018, Toyo University concluded an MOU with Global Trust Networks Co., Ltd. (GTN)
to allow Toyo University students to use GTN’s guarantor service at a 20% discount. GTN also
assists you in looking for housing in multiple languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese,
Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali, and offers a wide choice of apartments for international students.

8-4. Change of Residence(Moving)

 When moving, the following procedures are necessary. If moving to another country, please allow for extra time to follow procedures.
Before moving, inform the landlord and real estate agency of your intention. Check to see if the contract has a clause that states "inform X months beforehand".

* Regarding the Procedure at the university after moving, please refer to the page of Change of student status.