Educational Policies

Admissions Policy

The Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design (INIAD) seeks students who:

  1. Embrace the changes that information and communications technologies are bringing to our society, appreciate living in an interconnected world, and have the interest and ambition to engage in such developments;
  2. Accept the diversity of society such as various values, interests, and nationalities, and can recognize and enhance their own value to society through interaction with others;
  3. Can relentlessly pursue matters with a positive attitude, without fear of failure.
  4. Have basic knowledge of mathematics and logical reasoning skills necessary for studies after admission.

Curriculum Policy

  1. During the first year, lectures and exercises will be held for all students so that they can gain proficiency in the basics of computer science as a common infrastructure supporting society, and the skills necessary to communicate with people around the world.
  2. From the second year, in order to nurture talent who can contribute to social innovation through information and communication technologies, lectures for acquisition of high levels of knowledge and exercises for practical skills will be held for students in their selected area of specialized study: engineering, design, business or civil systems.
  3. Emphasis is placed on project-based exercises where students seek solutions to problems through teamwork. In particular, in the third year, a long-term interdisciplinary exercise in forming a startup will give students hands-on understanding of the possibilities that lie in working with people from different areas of specialty.
  4. In the fourth year, students will engage in senior research under a professor to learn about the latest research in their specialized field.
  5. A basic education program will be provided throughout the students’ time in the university so that they can gain broad knowledge grounded in philosophy, the founding spirit of Toyo University.

Graduation Approval and Diploma Policy

 The Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design will approve graduation and award a bachelor’s degree to students who meet the designated requirements in term and credits and have acquired the following competencies:

  1. Basic knowledge and skills in computer science as a common infrastructure supporting society, and the skills to communicate with people around the world;
  2. Specialized knowledge and practical skills in engineering, design, business, or civil systems;
  3. Experience and skills in working as a team with those with different fields of expertise, identifying social issues, and contributing to solving such issues through one’s expertise.