Career Support at INIAD

1. About the Career Support Center in INIAD

The career support team's priority is to support you select an excellent career full of joy and happiness.
The meaning of a career filled with joy and happiness may vary, but we believe that it will contain the essence of staying true to yourself and make the most out of it in this world.
At INIAD, we offer various career support services for students.
■ Business Hours 9:15-17:00(Closed 13:00-14:00)

1-1. Private Consultation

At INIAD, we offer private consultation during the opening hours for students.
For instance, you may receive the following supports.

・Support on career plan development
・Support on Self-analysis
・Support on industry research and business area research
・Proofread your resume and CV
・Interview practice in Japanese
* To book a private consultation, please register for your request via ToyoNe-G, or you may directly contact the administration officer via E-mail.

1-2. Books and Texts that are available in Career Support Center

Lists: See here

2. Annual Career Support Event Calendar

2-1. Annual Career Support schedule for the 3rd year students  *TBA
2-2. Annual schedule for the 2nd year students                           *TBA
Annual schedule for the 1st year students                            *TBA
Annual schedule for students who are seeking to work as a public servant *TBA
 * A reminder will be sent from the INIAD Administration Office visa E-mail.

3. Career Plan Registration

Under the Employment Security Law Article 33-2, Toyo University is offering free employment placement services to all prospective graduates of Toyo University.
To receive job placement services you must provide Toyo University with your career plans because the university is obliged to provide the government with progress reports for employment services.
Note that this information is vital for the University to provide high-quality supports for students. 
If you do not register for your information by the designated due date, you may not receive the following items, opportunities, and services provided by Toyo University.
Letters of recommendation issued by Toyo University
Opportunities to apply for special job placement for Toyo University students
Career consultation services

■ Career Plan Registration for AY2017 enrollees: 
* Please make sure to log-in with your account and complete the registration.

4.Visiting our alumni

4-1. Importance of the alumni networks

Visiting alumni is an excellent way to deeply understand the business and the culture of a specific company.
Please carefully confirm the instructions and apply.

4-2. How to apply

Visit the ToyoNet-G.

Confirm the procedure.

Take a note of the alumni information (Name of the company・Year of graduation・Student ID number).

Apply from here.

The administration office will get back to you via E-mail.