Educational Goals

Goals for Nurturing Human Resources

Based on computer science education, we will foster human resources who are able to work in teams, master computers, collaborate through information, and quickly give shape to ideas.
With a foundation in computer science education, including programming, we will develop core human resources who are capable of bringing about networking innovation in various fields, such as "manager resources” who can design new businesses, "coordinator resources” who can build new public sector wings as a system, and other resources who can embody new products and new information services in terms of both technology and design.

Educational Goal for Abilities to be Acquired by Students

Our educational goal is to provide students with the following abilities and accomplishments:
Students will obtain specialized skills in the information field, global communication skills, and the ability to solve problems as a team, not by starting from scratch alone, but by collaborating with a variety of people.
New services and innovations can only be realized through networking between and among people with diverse expertise and abilities. In order to provide students with the ability to realize such networking, we offer five Information Course Groups (Computer Systems, Computer Software, User Experience, Data Science, and ICT Social Application) and two Networking Course Groups (Community Formation and Business Building) where students will learn the fundamentals of information science and applied fields, while we emphasize project-style education for solving problems as cross-disciplinary teams in order for students to gain hands-on experience in the practicalities and benefits of "networking."
While developing their programming skills, students will acquire project management skills as well as other skills to plan, negotiate, persuade and act promptly.
In addition to strengthened English-language education, students will acquire skills to communicate on an international level by learning how to carry out projects in teams that include international students with different cultural backgrounds, and by thinking logically.