Educational Goals

What kind of human resources are cultivated?

At INIAD, computer science education including programming is a base for all the courses. We will aim at cultivating the human resources equipped with the networking literacy such as "manager" human resources who can start a new business, "coordinator" human resources who can build a new public sector wing as a system, and human resources who can embody a new product and new information service from both sides of technology and the design. They are the core human resources who can cause networking innovation.

Educational Goal for what kind of abilities are acquired

Students will obtain ready-to-use abilities for the society by practicing a project-style education for solving problems as a team, planning for the networking ability education, as well as promoting the educational cooperation with enterprises. In addition to possessing a professional knowledge on ICT, a project management ability, an ability to plan, negotiate, persuade and deal quickly, as well, we will undertake networking to establish methodologies and systems for the efficient yet high level of education through out undergraduate and graduate levels.