Educational Policies of the Faculty of Human Life Design


Department of Human Care and Support, Human Care and Support Course

Admission Policy

To nurture human talent and personnel who have the intelligence and the ability to contribute leadership for solving social problems in various domestic and overseas fields, the Human Care and Support course welcomes people with the following abilities:

  1. Knowledge and Skills

    Has foundational academic abilities equivalent to a high school diploma, necessary for studying at the university level, and the attitude necessary to strive toward mutual understanding through dialog. Actively engages with others and attends to those dealing with difficulties in their lives

  2. Thinking, Judgment, and Expressive Skills

    Has communication skills that enable accurate conveyance of thoughts and acceptance of others’ ideas. Has the ability to consider various aspects of modern society’s life problems

  3. Individuality, Diversity, and Cooperativeness

    Is interested in social movements and motivated to address issues that arise in these movements

Department of Human Care and Support, Social Work and Child Care Course

Admission Policy

The following are requirements for prospective students:

  1. Must have deep interests in child development, issues of child care and education, with intellectual curiosity and strong motivation for learnings.
  2. Must possess knowledge and practical abilities as the basic academic skills required after entering our university.
  3. Human service professionals need to cooperate with others in the process of providing support.  Therefore, students should involve proactively with people, establish dialogue, and build mutual understanding through dialogues.

Department of Health Care and Sports

Admission Policy

In order to nurture human talent and personnel who can contribute to health promotion, we seek applicants with the following attributes at the Department of Health Care and Sports:

  1. Willingness to promote physical activity and good worldwide health practices through sports;
  2. Interest in people and the communication skills necessary to express this interest;
  3. Interest in and understanding of people in all stages of life and living situations;
  4. Sufficient foundational academic knowledge for studying health care and sports.

Department of Human Environment Design

Admission Policy

The Department of Human Environment Design considers people’s surroundings from a design viewpoint.

Design-related fields create a world where a wide variety of human talent and personnel participate in various forms. With a certain degree of academic ability and willpower, everyone has the potential to work in the design world.

We would like to accept students who have flexibility in design and who understand that design affects all environments in people’s lives, in addition, the students will have these qualities.

  1. Persons who believe in their potential and have the motivation to explore it
  2. Persons who are motivated to polish their design abilities
  3. Persons who can directly accept problems and come up with flexible solutions to them