Message from the Faculty of Human Life Design Dean

Toyo University Faculty of Human Life Design Dean Doctor (Ph.D)
Hiroko Mizumura

The Faculty of Human Life Design is relatively new at Toyo University, having been established in 2005 as the ninth faculty.

In the departments and courses of the Faculty of Human Life Design, students learn a wide range of subjects: living support for a wide range of people, childcare and education for children who will bear the next generation, health care through physical activities for people in various life stages, urban and architectural environment that all people can use, assistive technology, and product design. In modern society, these areas neither exist nor function independently. The study of life design is a learning system that comprehensively covers these different areas and under which students learn theories and practice methods that contribute to people’s life creation (life design).      


At present, there is a variety of global social and environmental issues. To solve them, in September 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted at the United Nations, and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were officially announced. All countries around the world are currently encouraged to make efforts toward the achievement of these goals. The education and research activities that the Faculty of Human Life Design has developed thus far at the University’s Asaka Campus respond to the sustainable development that the U.N. aims to achieve and also greatly contribute to it. Goal 3, “Good Health and Well-being,” and Goal 11, “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” of the SDGs are closely related to research activities that are conducted by human resources developed through education in the departments and courses at the Faculty of Human Life Design and the teaching staff. In this way, the education and research activities at this Faculty will largely contribute to achieving a sustainable society after 2030.    


In May 2019, the Japanese era name was changed to “Reiwa,” and next year the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo. Japanese society is now witnessing a time of change. In 2021, the Faculty of Human Life Design will be completely relocated to the Akabanedai Campus and enter a new stage. We hope that these changes will encourage students who study at this Faculty to grow into human resources who can overcome various difficulties and contribute to solving the many challenges facing modern society.


April 2019