Message from Reginal Development Studies

Message from the chair of Reginal Development Studies
Professor MATSUMARU, Ryo

Society has undergone significant changes due to globalization and DX using ICT and AI tools, and in order to promote sustainable regional development under such a situation, we require people who can visit various regions, identify challenges with the locals, think about and propose solutions from a wide range of perspectives and take actions in an appropriate manner.
The Regional Development Studies Course of the Department of Regional Development Studies has since the establishment of our Department in 1997 provided education based on a hands-on approach and small-group seminars with the aim of developing such human resources.
When it comes to“ regional development,” there are a number of things to consider such as urban and rural spaces, infrastructure that supports daily life, systems and public finance for continuous living, and people’s behavior and consciousness. For your learning and practice of“ regional development” in such wide-ranging areas, this Course provides extensive and specialized subjects taught by our faculty members, who hold diverse careers and backgrounds, while enhancing our curriculums, for example,practical learning in small group seminars starting from the first year of this Course, field studies in various domestic and international regions and diverse internship programs. Also, we encourage all of you to stay overseas for a certain period of time while in this Course and obtain applicable credits1, and through the experience, we hope you will improve your communication skills in English and/or other languages as well as your cross-cultural understanding. Moreover, for those who wish to acquire additional professional knowledge and skills, we are ready to provide two minors: the English SPecial Minor (ESP) and the Regional Design Special Program.
Through different special subjects, training programs, special seminars, interactions with students from overseas and study abroad, it surely will be exciting for you to learn in this Course. I look forward to see all of you grow by leaps and bounds as you experience various learning opportunities with us.