Academic Staff-Hironari Nozaki(野﨑 浩成)


Hironari Nozaki
(野﨑 浩成)

Professor (Department of Global Innovation Studies)



-Research Field-

Banking businesses, Finance, Corporate governance, Equity markets




- Subjects -

Global Financial System (financial businesses and regulation in a global context), Introduction to Finance (basic financial knowledge and skills for business judgement), Introduction to Microeconomics (practical skills to be learned via basic knowledge of economics), International Business Development and Corporate Finances (fundamental knowledge of corporate finance in a global business environment)







- Message to Students -

Though "Finance" sounds like "monetary greed," the financial knowledge is indispensable for economic welfare and business developments.  The knowledge and skills of Finance, in particular in a global context, provide a variety of ways to deal with businesses effectively and efficiently.  I wish you get in touch with Finance to lever the future business opportunities.  With extremely professional financial business experience in the global financial markets, I promise you to provide opportunities to learn practical and updated finance.


- Brief History -

Before starting the academic career, I had experienced the diverse range of financial businesses; 14 years in the banking industry and another 14 years as a financial analyst.  At the bank (currently Resona Bank), I was closely worked with the top management of the bank in the terribly difficult period of financial crisis, and I had opportunities to deal with the government and other banks.  Fortunately, after becoming a financial analyst (at leading banks like HSBC and Citigroup), I was ranked the very top for more than ten consecutive years in the bank sector coverage (at both Nikkei and International Investor Magazine survey).