Academic Staff-Heizo Takenaka(竹中 平蔵)


Heizo Takenaka
(竹中 平蔵)

Professor (Department of Global Innovation Studies)




-Research Field-

Economic Policy, Japanese Economy, Macroeconomics



- Subjects -

・Special Lectures in Global System Ⅰ・Ⅱ

・Study Skills  Ⅰ・Ⅱ

・Special Seminar on International Issues (国際特別演習)

- Message to Students -

The economy forms the foundation of the society. In the course of studying its mechanism, I would like you to seek the way to open up your life with your own wisdom.
"All it needs is courage, imagination, and some money..." Please keep this Charles Chaplin's words of wisdom in your heart.


- Brief History -

Born in Wakayama prefecture in 1951. Phd in Economics. Takenaka graduated from Hitotsubashi University, and entered the Development Bank of Japan in 1973. After leaving Dbj in 1981, he studied at Harvard as a Visiting Scholar and Associate Professor and became Professor, Policy Management in Keio University. After appointed as Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy in 2001 in Koizumi cabinet, he also served as Minister of Privatization of Postal Services; Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications. In 2004, elected to the House of Councilors. On September 2006, he resigned from the House of Councilors and Politics. Senior Research Fellow, Japan Center for Economic Research; Director, Academyhills; Chairman and Director, Pasona Group Inc.; Outside Director, Orix Corporation; Outside Director, Sbi Holdings, Inc..