Academic Staff-James Ross Hunt(ジェームス ハント)


James Ross Hunt
(ジェームス ハント)

Lecturer(Department of Global Innovation Studies)



-Research Field-

TESOL, Multiliteracies, CLIL, English for Academic Purposes, Reading Fluency, CALL

- Subjects -

Academic Reading 1; Academic Reading 2; Academic Writing 1; Academic Writing 2; Academic Speaking 1; Academic Speaking 2; Academic Listening 1; Academic Listening 2; Negotiation Theory, Skills & Practices; Leadership Communication; Debating Theory, Skills & Practices; Interpersonal & Persuasion/Management; Presentation Skills

- Brief History -

Completed a B.Sc. in Geology (First Class Honours) and M.Sc. in Basin Evolution and Dynamics (Petroleun Geoscience) at Royal Holloway, University of London. Received a Monkasho Scholarship to conduct post-graduate research into the geological history of Japan (structural geology, fault dynamics, geochronology) at Waseda University. Began teaching English at universities in 2006. Completed a second Master degree in Applied Linguistics & TESOL (M.A. Distinction). Recent research interests have been in the areas of reading fluency development (assessment of extensive reading and repeated reading methods) and applications of multiliteracies theory to TESOL (multi-modal communication, film making). Worked as an Assistant Professor at Hitotsubashi University before joining the Department of Global Innovation Studies at Toyo University.


- Message to Students -

I am excited to be joining the new Department of Global Innovation Studies at Toyo University. You have an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the expertise and enthusuasm of the staff members involved in this program. To spend time studying oversaes is a life-changing experience, and I say that from personal experience. I came to Japan in 2002 as the fortunate recipient of a full scholarship from Monkasho to study at Waseda University, not knowing at the time that the experience would change the course of my studies, career and personal life completely, or that I would come to call Japan my home and remain here to this day. I hope that your year abroad will have as profound an effect on your life as it has on mine. You will find the academic environment overseas to be very different to that in Japan, and it is my job to prepare you for the undertaking. You have selected to join this program, hopefully with a full understanding of the task you have taken upon yourself. Our immediate priority is to ensure that you have sufficient English ability to follow lectures and fully participate in student life wherever you choose to study. I expect you to be highly motivated to this end, and for you to enthusiastically embrace your assignments. We have a lot of work to do, and we will be spending a lot of time together over the coming months. I hope that we can all enjoy studying English and that we can create a friendly and stimulating environment that is respectful and supportive of all members. I wish you all the very best of luck.