Academic Staff-Hajime Imamura(今村 肇)


Hajime Imamura
(今村 肇)

Professor/Department Chair
  (Department of Global Innovation Studies)



-Research Field-

Labor Economics, Social Enterprise, Social and Solidarity Economy, Social Capital



- Subjects -

Sustainable Global Innovations(持続可能なグローバルイノベーション)
Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Investment(企業の社会的責任と社会的インパクト投資)

Role of Entrepreneurs in Creating Social Value(社会的価値の創造と起業家の役割)
Social Solidarity Economy and Social Enterprise(社会連帯経済と社会的企業)

Study Skills Ⅰ・ II
Leadership Training Program
(Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learning Journey)
(English Public Speaking through Acting Training)


- Message to Students -

Although this Department is of an unprecedented kind for Toyo University, its archetype can date back to the University’s pioneer days about 130 years ago; Toyo University was established by Enryo Inoue, a “travelling founder” who travelled around the world three times and walked around Japan to give lectures on his experiences abroad. As a fervent admirer of Yukichi Fukuzawa, Enryo Inoue preached the spirit of practical science that Fukuzawa had advocated and the application of philosophy to not only school but also community-wide social education. The experience of closely and thoroughly observing the world made him acutely aware of the importance of social education and “citizenship education” that encourages dialogue between citizens and helps extend the vigor of regional societies over the global economy and society.
 Inheriting this spirit of the “travelling founder,” the Department of Global Innovation Studies has just started as a completely new campus that provides students with education based on the experience of “Travel Play Dialogue.”
 We hope that you will immensely improve yourself to be a human asset who can innovate on various systems, ranging from ones in familiar territories to ones supporting the global society, through dialogue.
 Join us in developing and pursuing your future visions on a brand-new canvas of this Department.

グローバル・イノベーション学科は、地球社会のあらゆる場でイノベーションを起こす本格的グローバル人財の育成を目的に2017 年度から全く新たに設置された学科です。「ひとと地球と対話する「哲学」の精神に、水平志向のグローバルな才能を育成する」を基本方針に、全て英語の授業、1 年間の必修海外留学、3 割が外国からの留学生という環境のなかで、多様性対応の対話型問題解決力教育を実践し、国際標準のリーダーシップをめざします。
これまでの東洋大学にない新しい学科ですが、そもそもその原型は130 年ほど前の東洋大学の創立期にたどることができるのです。東洋大学は、3度の世界行脚を行い、その経験をもとに日本全国を講演して歩いた、まさに「旅する創立者」井上円了によって設立されました。かれは福沢諭吉を高く尊敬し、その実学の精神と同様、学校だけでなく地域ぐるみの社会教育への哲学の応用を説きました。まさに世界をくまなく見て歩くことで、社会教育や住民・市民の対話を拡げ、地域からグローバルに広がる経済・社会の活性化を実現する「シティズンシップ教育」の必要性を痛感したのです。
対話を通して、自分たちの周り(Territory)から地球社会(Global Society) に至る、さまざまなシステムにイノベーションを起こしうる人財として大きく成長されることを期待します。

- Brief History -

Keio University, Finished Ph.D. Course, Business and Commerce (Econometrics), 1985,
Keio University, M.A., Business and Commerce (Industrial Relations), 1982
[Professional Activity]:
Vice President of CIRIEC International (Liège), 2010 to 2016,
Preasidium Member of CIRIEC International (Liège), 206 to date,
Member of the Scientific Committee of Mont-Blanc Meetings (Paris), 2013 to date,
Invited Professor, Faculté des Sciences Économiques, Université Louis Pasteur,France. 2004, 2014
Chairman of the Labor division of the evaluation committee for Incorporated Administrative Agency of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, 2011 to date
[Resent Publications]
“Social Economy and Public Policy in Japan”, in Chaves, Rafael and Demoustier, Danièle eds. The Emergence of the Social Economy in Public Policy. An international analysis, Peter Lang Eds. June, 2013, pp.311-334
“Relational skills for horizontal solidarity in Japan: Unique relational development in co-production among social economy, for-profit, and governmental organizations,” EMES-SOCENT Conference Selected Papers, no. LG13-63, 2013
.”Economic and Social Relations Around Japan and Asian Social and Public Economy,”Hajime
Imamura, CIRIEC 31st International congress, Reims (France), 21-23 September 2016, ECONOMIC
.” Asian Social Innovation Models FROM CREATIVITY TO SOCIAL IMPACT”, Hajime Imamura,
Social Enterprise Summit cum the 4th International Conference on Social Enterprise in Asia,
24-25 September 2016 - Hong Kong INNOVATION IN ASIA: FROM CREATIVITY TO SOCIAL IMPACT, Invited Plenary Speach
.「SIB 推進におけるNPO・社会的企業の可能性と課題」、今村 肇、塚本一郎・金子郁容編著『ソーシャル・インパクト・ボンドとは何か――ファイナンスによる社会イノベーションの可能性』ミネルヴァ書房。Pp.217-240、共著、2016 年11 月