Department of Global Innovation Studies, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies

Aims for Human Resources Development

The Department of Global Innovation Studies aims to develop Innovative Problem Solvers consisting of human resources who can recognize important challenges accurately and establish innovative and creative solutions and develop them into practical and realistic ways to deal with such challenges through proper communication with others in an increasingly complex, diverse, global society.


Educational Goals and Capabilities the Department Must Foster in Our Students

The Department aims for students to acquire the following seven capabilities:
(1) Creativity for innovation: The Department pursues the goal of enabling students to become human resources who can bring innovation everywhere in global society by adopting the three
academic fields of Global Entrepreneurship, Global Business and Global Collaboration, to guide students to build their learning by incorporating practical courses,
including study outside of Japan and project-based courses, into the curriculum and by offering small-group classes focusing on problem solving.

(2) Global conversation: Through the group work among the well - balanced mix of international and domestic students in the Department, students can acquire confidence in conversing with people
from all over the world.

(3) Learning cutting-edge research: Students will receive education on cutting-edge research in collaboration with advanced universities and research institutions related to innovation and
entrepreneurs from around the world.

(4) English proficiency: Intensive English lessons in line with students’ English proficiency levels enable students to take part in all of the Department’s classes,
which are held in English, with no difficulties.

(5) Leadership: Students will acquire various capabilities required of a leader through experience in collaboration with companies and other social organizations.

(6) Flexibility: Students will acquire flexibility to work in foreign countries through the long-term study abroad program that all of the domestic students take part in as well as
international internships for those students who are interested.

(7) Problem solving: Students will acquire leadership abilities to bring innovation to various systems of global society, as well as knowledge and skills to contribute to the self-sustaining
development of communities by solving problems.