Educational and Research Aims

1. Aim in Human Resources Development

The Faculty of Global and Regional Studies aims to develop human resources with the ability to innovate on economic, social and various other systems based on their deep understanding of the relations between regional diversity and different global systems, and/or with the ability to contribute to the solution of problems and autonomous development in diverse regions, in the global society, where various challenges—economic problems, poverty, resource issues, environmental challenges, armed conflicts, and so on—continue to arise.

2. Educational Goal, or the Capabilities the Faculty Must Foster in Our Students

To foster practical human resources who can be active in the dynamically changing global society, the Faculty pursues the goal of expanding the following three kinds of capabilities in our students:
1) knowledge about various problems in the global society and diverse issues rooted in regional societies, history, lifestyles and values, and the ability to analyze such problems and issues;
2) practical language proficiency and communication skills that are useful in the environment of cross-cultural and multicultural encounters and necessary to leading actors in the global society; and
3) the practical ability to resolve challenges in regional societies, creativity for developing and promoting innovations, and leadership.

3. Other Educational and Research Aims

The Faculty aims to develop human resources who pursue research that can practically contribute to the solution of various problems in the global society by developing innovations in economic, social and other various systems from a top-down perspective, and by putting innovations into practice from a bottom-up perspective to achieve the autonomous development of diverse regions.