Message from the dean of faculty

Message from the dean of faculty of Global and Reginal Studies
Professor ARAMAKI, Toshiya

The current progress of social globalization has caused various systems (including economic, business administration, and information systems) to come to an impasse that requires innovating these systems’ bases, including cultural conventions and values. In particular, the spread of the Novel Coronavirus infectious disease that occurred initially in 2019 might have made us realize the necessity of innovation in social systems themselves. To address this situation, we need to foster human resources who are ready to act resolutely based on the creativity and entrepreneurship they embrace, and who can create innovation in our social systems. At the same time, greater social acceptance of such innovation and more significant contributions to the development of global society also require us to foster human resources who can perform practical activities in development aid, business and other fields in regional societies, both from a global perspective and based on a deep understanding of the unique diversity of regions around the world.
The Faculty of Global and Regional Studies has since 2017 been comprised of two Departments: the Department of Global Innovation Studies, to foster human resources who can innovate social systems from a global perspective, and the Department of Regional Development Studies, to foster human resources who can contribute to the development of various regions under the slogan‘ Think Globally, Act Locally.” At the end of AY2020, our first graduates joined global society with the aim of playing an active role therein. I hope that you will learn actively in this Faculty with the aim of playing a leading role in global society in the future, following our graduates and senior students.