Department of Food and Life Sciences, Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Educational Goals

We encourage students to comprehend life from the aspect of food through food functional science, nutrition, and health science. Based on biotechnology, we make effective use of unexploited food resources and provide the opportunity for students to learn current analytical techniques. We also train human health professionals who can protect and enrich food culture through dietary education.


Who will ensure food safety? The issue of food safety has been attracting much attention recently. Indeed, people exchange opinions about it in newspapers, on TV programs, and in magazines.
However, there are still few people who are able to professionally discuss life and the environment and take action on their behalf, based on the idea of food, to realize a society where people can live safely. The department was founded to meet such demands of the times. We aim to create a new field of life science on the basis of food, a field that is required in the present age. We also aim to train food experts who have acquired correct knowledge and analytical techniques.


Food Science Course

Students in this course will learn about food from the viewpoint of life science, and acquire integrative knowledge and techniques from dietary education to food safety and security, based on advanced biotechnology. This course is suitable for those who are interested in all aspects of food, such as dietary education, food culture, food functional science, and nutrition and health science, and those who wish to solve problems involving food.

Features of the course

Sports and Food Function Course

This course is best for those who are interested in the nutritional functions of food related to sports, and who wish to provide assistance to athletes, using practical nutritional management. Students in this course will learn about nutrition, food science and hygiene, as well as the relationships between human structure/functions, exercise, and the function of food (nutrition) based on the knowledge of life science, to enable them to become coaches who supervise the diets and nutrient intake of athletes.

Features of the course