Outline of the Faculty of Business Administration


Educational Goals

We provide students with the ability to assess, analyze and nurture their rational thinking and strategic thinking skills to be successful in this rapidly changing economy.


The Faculty of Business Administration at Toyo University was established in 1966 at Hakusan campus. In addition to the vibrant on-campus atmosphere, its location holds a significant advantage for studying business administration as students are immersed in the social trends and business activities of Tokyo, one of the world’s economic capitals.

The field of business administration is closely tied to the “here and now.” Within the flow of our ever-changing society, we research business management methods and market environments, analyze and resolve various issues found in and outside of companies, and scientifically explore the knowledge and technologies required by companies for effective decision making. These activities are closely related to environmental issues, social trends and other related elements. Thus, the study of business administration also requires a broad perspective outside of the specialized area of business.

Today’s growing internationalization and increasing use of information technologies mean that companies are becoming more diverse and complex. Our diverse curriculum enables students to study a broad range of topics to respond to the latest changes in corporate business. Our goal is to develop future leaders that can be successful in the real world.

Departments, Capacity, and Locations


Department of Business Administration

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Department of Marketing

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Department of Accounting and Finance

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Department of Business Administration (Evening Course)

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Enrollment Capacity

  •  Department of Business Administration: 316
  • Department of Marketing: 150
  • Department of Accounting and Finance: 216
  • 2nd Department of Business Administration (Evening Courses): 110

Hakusan Campus
5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo