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Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Accounting and Finance

Educational Goals

To develop individuals with a high level of professionalism in the areas of accounting and/or finance who can be employed by any company, domestic or international.


Accounting is the system of keeping and managing records that track the complex flow of money of a company. By studying accounting and analyzing financial statements, students can gain the ability to understand the state of the company and can even offer management advice on how to improve operations. Those students who master accounting are indispensable for a company, and are likely to succeed in business.

Finance is the study of raising and investing money effectively. At the present time, this field has become extremely complex. For example, capital raising methods include not only the traditional borrowing from banks and the issuance of shares but diversified new methods with terms unrecognizable to newcomers (e.g., domestic bonds, foreign bonds, bonds with warrants, commercial papers, offshore markets, securitization, ABLs, ABSs, CDOs,  tranching, etc.). Students in this program will be able to fully understand all of these terms. Students who are trained with specialized knowledge of finance are important assets to major corporations.


Our department allows students to freely combine subjects from three different fields: 1) accounting, which is composed of financial accounting and managerial accounting classes; 2) finance, which is composed of finance and economics classes; and 3) foreign business studies, which is composed of international accounting and finance as well as business language classes. Within a few years, each student will be able to discuss accounting and financial topics, such as the recent profit-padding issues in large corporations, over lunch!

Accounting and finance have various licenses and qualifications, which are quite useful for careers with major companies. Some of these basic qualifications include bookkeeping 2nd grade, certified by Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and financial planner 3rd grade, certified by Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs. Many students acquire these qualifications prior to graduation.

Furthermore, students who focus on accounting may obtain certified public accountant (CPA) or tax accountant licenses, both of which have high social standings. Every year a certain number of students graduating from our department pass these tests and earn these licenses.

Every year, advanced students in the field of finance pass the qualifying test to earn the certification as a financial planner 2nd grade. We are proud of attaining such a high educational level which encourages and enables some students to pass the test to become a Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan (CMA).

One of the reasons why dozens of students pass these tough tests is that our department offers special extracurricular preparation classes. Students studying in our department can take these classes at an affordable price, receiving financial support by the college. Those classes are beneficial since the departmental alumni employment rate at the most popular financial firms is the highest in the school.

Five Courses in the Department of Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting and Finance includes five courses: 1) business accounting course; 2) certified public accountant and tax accountant course; 3) international business course; 4) business finance course; and 5) finance professional course. These courses assist all of the students in achieving their goals.

Business Accounting Course

This course develops specialists and consultants in business accounting for various  companies. Students primarily study accounting and gain specialized knowledge in the field so that they can succeed in accounting or finance departments, regardless of the company size. Students will have the ability to read financial statements, analyze the circumstances of their own company as well as other companies, and provide suggestions on ways to improve them.

Certified Public Accountant and Tax Accountant Course

This course fosters certified public accountants (CPA) and tax accountants, whose jobs are highly public and rewarding. The students in the course study advanced accounting; moreover, by taking special extracurricular classes that help them prepare for the qualification exams, they can gain confidence in passing the CPA exam, one of the most difficult and prestigious state examinations in Japan, or tax accountant exam. This course, offering various classes for acquiring these licenses, is suitable for  students who have a goal of acquiring these qualifications.

International Business Course

This course fosters those who will work abroad or for foreign firms.
The growing interdependence of the world was promoted by the progress of ICT and the sophistication of logistics, so students should master international business skills including international accounting, finance, management, marketing, as well as communication ability, in order to succeed in the increasingly internationalized business world. Students in the course will take numerous foreign business language classes to brush up their linguistic skills of English, Chinese, or other languages, as well as gain knowledge of international business. Students have opportunities to study abroad and are even eligible to receive generous scholarships from the university.  Our goal is to develop business people who can succeed anywhere in the world.

Business Finance Course

This course develops generalists who will work for the accounting and finance departments/divisions of major companies. The students acquire advanced finance knowledge, which will be required in business, and master various techniques and terminology. In addition, students gain a certain level of accounting knowledge, which allows them to be competent businesspeople who can succeed in major companies or financial institutions. This course is also suitable for those planning to acquire financial planner qualifications.

Finance Professional Course

Financial institutions, such as banks, securities firms, and insurance companies, not only effectively invest the money customers entrust but play an important role in stimulating healthy economic growth by supplying capital to companies and individuals. Their ability to allocate capital means that they have a heavy responsibility for their business region because they make decisions leading to the economic development in their territory.
In order to work for these institutions, personnel must have both a broad and deep knowledge, as well as high level of morality.
In this course, we nurture financial professionals, such as traders, investment bankers, analysts, and financial researchers. In particular, the course supports those who plan to acquire CMA (Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts) qualifications.

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