Overview of the Faculty of Economics

Educational Objectives


In the Faculty of Economics, students receive the opportunity to develop their individual interests through academic scholarship while acquiring a foundational education that can shape their future goals within the context of economics and society inside and outside Japan.



The study of economics already began at Tetsugakukan, which was the early predecessor to Toyo University. When the institution transitioned to Toyo University under the new system of postsecondary education stipulated by the School Education Act, the Faculty of Economics was formally established in April 1950. The Faculty of Economics is the second oldest faculty at Toyo University and has developed a structure that allows us to consistently explore the “economics of the day.”

Economics is a discipline that rests on a foundation of micro and macro discourses while elucidating the current economic phenomena of Japan and the world from a comprehensive perspective. Simultaneously, the field also considers future developments in Japan and in global society.

The Toyo University Faculty of Economics strives to offer a curriculum that creates a foundation for learning based on the interests of each student.

Faculty Departments/Number of Students Admitted/Education Venues


Department of Economics

Studying the essence of economics

The department explores the essential activities of economics, working from a theoretical and practical foundation while cultivating skills for solving relevant issues.

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Department of International Economics

Acquiring practical ability for the global stage

The department strives to elucidate our global economic society using the tools of economics, linguistics, information, communication, etc.

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Department of Policy Studies

Designing a new economic society

The department uses economics to address social issues and propose policy measures from a broad-based perspective.

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Department of Economics (Evening Course)

Gaining knowledge that will be an asset in the professional world

The department instills a foundational knowledge of economics in students, in addition to a broad knowledge of society, while cultivating theory-based skills useful for decision making.

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Education venue

Hakusan Campus
5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo