Certifications Available Through the Faculty of Economics

Professional certifications can greatly affect students’ career path after graduation.

This section introduces some of the professional certifications that students can earn, in addition to exams students can take, by studying in and graduating from the Faculty of Economics.

Certifications Can be Acquired by Completing the Designated Course Credits

  • Social welfare officer  (certifies the recipient as eligible for appointment)

Students who complete classes related to social welfare (three or more classes from among those stipulated in the Social Welfare Act, Article 19, Clause 1) are eligible for appointment as a social welfare officer. This certification enables the recipient to be hired as a caseworker or a municipal government employee at a welfare center. Additionally, recipients can be appointed as a child welfare officer after acquiring on-the-job experience.

Teaching License Can be Acquired by Completing the Designated Course Credits

  • First-class Certificate for Junior high school teacher (social studies) 
  • First-class Certificate for High school teacher (geography/history, civics) 
  • First-class Certificate for High school teacher (business) 

Teaching licenses can be earned by fulfilling graduation requirements, in addition to completing required course credits in education-related classes (covering pedagogy and the subject that the teacher will specialize in) stipulated in the Licensing Act, Article 66, Clause 6.

Eligibility to Take the Exam Can be Acquired by Completing the Designated Course Credits

  • Certified Tax Accountant 

Students are eligible to take the exam after earning three years or more of designated undergraduate course credits.

  • Licensed Social Insurance Consultant 

Students Are Eligible to Take the Exam After Completing Undergraduate General Education Courses.

Certifications relevant to post graduation careers
(no restrictions apply to eligibility to take these certification exams)

  • Data Processing Specialist 
  • Certified Public Accountant 
  • Administrative Scrivener 
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant 
  • Registered Real-Estate Broker 
  • Registered Customs Specialist
  • Registered Retail Specialist 

The above certification exams do not have eligibility restrictions and can be acquired at any time.

  • National public service personnel 
  • Local public service personnel 

Designation as a public service personnel worker is not an official certification although significant preparation is required before taking the exam for this occupation.

Interested students are advised to take the Public Service Personnel Preparation Course (administered by the Career Support Center)