Department of Economics [Evening Course], Faculty of Economics


Educational Goals

The Evening School strives to instill in students knowledge that aligns with their personal interests, draws from a wide range of fields (primarily in economics), and is necessary for the active engagement of students in society. This learning process fosters students’ ability to apply reason and make sound judgments.

Policies of the Department of Economics Evening School


In the first year, in required seminar classes, students are organized into small groups and they learn methods for writing reports. Second-year seminar classes (Seminar II) provide students with presentation skills and fundamental tools necessary for more specialized seminar classes. Additionally, Introduction to Modern Economics I and II, in the first and second year of the program, follow an omnibus format with lectures by full-time professors. This enables students to acquire a broad knowledge of the overall field of economics. In addition, the program also offers foundational courses, such as Introduction to Economics, specialized courses that apply the foundational content, and third- and fourth-year seminar classes and courses to help students prepare for writing the graduation thesis.

Program Features

Unique classes in the MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities, in addition to classes in other faculties, are available to students in the first year as specialized class options. From the second year, students can enroll in specialized classes from the area of the department that is not under the umbrella of the Evening School. There is a high degree of freedom due to the low number of required classes. This enables students to follow their personal interests and enroll in a broad range of classes, thereby developing more specialized knowledge of economics. Outside specialized classes, a diverse array of general education classes, language classes, and physical education classes are available so that students can follow their interests and freely arrange their class schedules. There is also a system that enables students to apply their TOEIC scores and their participation in the University of Warwick’s (UK) language course toward English credits. The Department of Economics Evening School can be accurately summarized by saying that the program enables students to determine for themselves the particular kind of academic lifestyle they would like to lead.