Department of Policy Studies, Faculty of Economics

Department of Social Psychology

Educational Goals

The department seeks to foster human resources who are able to design a new society and economy using their individual skills to draft and propose policies and plans for confronting the challenges and problems faced by Japan’s social and economic domains.

Policies of the Department of Policy Studies


The Department of Policy Studies was started in AY 2008, building upon the foundation and accumulated expertise of its predecessor, the Department of Socio-Economic Systems. The new department takes a unique and advanced approach to consider and address the issues of economics, in addition to the issues of technology, society, culture, politics, the environment, and the media, while working from a broad-based socioeconomic perspective. Each student chooses themes for which policy proposals are created on the basis of fundamental economic theories to address social issues.

 Small-group seminar classes are required from the first to the fourth year. In the first year, students gain the basic skills necessary as university students, including computer proficiency, knowledge on how to make research presentations, etc. From the second year, students explore a specialized field of personal interest, engage in group-based presentations and discussions, and ultimately work toward writing a graduation thesis.

Program Features

In the required seminar classes from the first to the fourth year, students start by attaining the basic skills that will be necessary for active involvement in society: how to read reference materials, write essays, use computers, make research presentations, engage in debates, communicate with others during group work, and manage teams and organizations. In these situations, students take the initiative in selecting their thematic focus, which enables them to gain the capacity to identify and solve problems and to design a new society and economy.

 Additionally, the annual debate tournament is the best opportunity for students to display the results of their first year of intensive study.