About the Career Support Office

About the career consultation.

 The job hunting process, which is a first experience for every student, may be filled with a mixture of expectation and anxiety.
 Please consult the staff at the Career Support Office for advice.
Professional advisors regarding public official positions and professional advisors of general enterprises are available for consultations in the Career Support Office. Resume and entry sheets can be corrected through our service. If there are any concerns regarding job hunting, please feel free to come to the Career Support Office.

About Job hunting material.

 In the Career Support Office, there is information for job hunting such as PCs for job hunting and individual firm files.(Japanese)

Material Contents
Books for Job hunting(Japanese) Books available for job hunting activity.There are also the latest books. Available for use in the room only.
Support DVDs (Japanese) DVDs are available for rental. (overnight)
Alumnis' list by company (Japanese) Alumnis' employment information. It is filed by year of graduation. Please feel free to use them.
Job opening list by industry (Japanese) All job openings accepted from enterprise except for public official relation and the schoolteaching  are filed by industry by date order.
“Job hunting experience report”(Japanese) Reports written by students with a job offer. It includes the examination process and examination details.

Teacher and  public official examination  related material (Japanese)

Examination guides, brochures, workbooks and references books are available in the room.
Lecture information beyond campus A lot of materials are available which can be brought home freely.
School recommendation relation (Japanese) Information for students who are recommended to companies by the university.
Regional job hunting information (Japanese) The job openings issued by public organizations and newspaper companies in each prefecture.
Seminar information (Japanese) Seminar information for companies for each different industry.

About equipment.

Facilities name Contents
Counter "Question and inquiry"can be asked at the counter.
Copy section

It can be used for only job hunting materials. ※ A copy/10 yen

PCs for job hunting Job searching is available using the internet.
Consultation booth Professional advisors regarding public official positions and professional advisors of general enterprises are in the booths.