Greetings from the President

As for the recruiters of enterprises and groups, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the daily kind consideration about the employment, given specially to the students in Toyo University.
Toyo University in recent years, has developed rapidly. Presently, the campus amounted to the total of 4 in Tokyo, Saitama and Gunma. 15 faculties, 46 departments, 15 postgraduate courses, 37 specialties and embraced into a very big university. From ancient philosophy, literature and history, to the science and the technology which are in the forefront in the time. Education and study in the colorful fields are developed into a literal university. Graduates are beyond 250,000 people, domestic and abroad, playing an active roles widely in the society.

History of Toyo University started in 1887. Philosopher and Dr. Enryo Inoue's founding of "Tetsugakukan", origin of the spirit of establishing a school of "the basis of all learning lies in philosophy", where students are independently thinking, able to judge, making an effort toward the education to acquire the skills to act. It can correspond to the change with the various time in independent way, a flexible idea. We are concentrating our energy on training people who possess the intellect and the moral quality at the same time. From now on, with improvement of the quality of further education and study, we aim at education and production of the promising human resources who can contribute to the issue society is asking. Thank you everyone for understanding, for the support and cooperation.


President, Toyo University