Support for International Students

About the University’s support for international students

Toyo University actively offers career support to international students throughout their job hunting.

On each campus is a Career Support Office where career support advisors are prepared to support international students with their job search.

Details on the Career Support Offices is accessible via:
The University’s Career Development and Placement Office Website
=> Please refer to Campus Information

Career Support for International Students

Job-hunting seminar for international students (planned to be held on Hakusan Campus)

Through a lecture at this seminar, participants will learn how to write resumes and entry sheets (which they will be submitting immediately before and after beginning their job hunting with the company to which they wish to apply)  prepare for interviews, and follow business etiquette.
The seminar is essential for learning the job-hunting process in Japan, which differs from overseas.
Talk session with senior with a job offer will be held at the same time.

[AY 2017]

Date & time: October 3rd (Tue), 16:30 to 18:30

Business Japanese Training Program for International Students

Having Japanese business language skills are one of the most important factors when Japanese companies hire international students. Toyo University provides international students with a variety of Japanese language classes to support their job hunting in Japan.

For more information, please visit our “Center for Global Education and Exchange” website:


Career Support Network for International Students in Japan.

As part of our strategy for offering international students' career support, Toyo University is registered "for Career Support Network for International Students in Japan (Asian Jinzai Network)" system operated by International Students Support Network.

This provides international students who wish to work in Japan with detailed and easy-to-understand information on the jobhunting process and preparation process for employment examinations in Japan so that users are allowed to learn whenever and whereever they wish to learn.

This also offers information of job opening, guidance, seminars, job fair and interview sessions for international students.

International students in Toyo university can use this system by registering for it at the following URL:

Distribution of Career Support Information via Email (as Occasion Arises)

The University will distribute essential career support information, such as recruitment information, especially oriented toward international students.

Events to be Offered

International students are welcome to attend seminars offered at each campus.
We look forward to the active participation of international students.
Please check bulletin boards, etc., for details of these events.