Support for Regional Job Seeking

Support for Regional Job Seeking

Where do you want to seek employment? Do you want to return to your home town, or to seek employment in the greater Tokyo area? If you want to succeed in job seeking without being confused, it is important to consider this question and make a decision at an early stage. Toyo University holds a course that is useful for deciding where you want to seek employment, and also guide you to consulting desk in the municipality where you need to get information.


Local job-search websites and local newspapers are good sources of information on regional job seeking. In the greater Tokyo area, there are many seminars and events held by regional companies.

Also, if you decide to focus on looking for employment in your home town, we suggest you to make use of each municipality’s U-turn*1 employment support center and Chamber of Commerce during vacations.

During a job hunting, you have to visit companies more often for job seminars and screenings. In the case of a U-turn job hunting, making trips back and forth from the greater Tokyo area to local areas are burdensome. Some municipalities offer supports for job seeking activities of individuals, such as assistance with traveling expenses, so please check if the municipality of your choice has such programs.


Support at the University

● Individual Consultations (all year-round)

We always accept requests for individual consultations on what to do after graduation through the Career Support Office / Advising Room.

● Regional Job Seeking Information Corner (Permanent)

Job seeking information that each municipality sends to the University is available at the Career Support Office / Advising Room.

● Providing Information (all year-round)

We offer job seeking information that each municipality sends to the University through the student support system “ToyoNet-G.” In addition to event news, we provide information on consulting services and finaicial assistance projects in each municipality at any time.

● Consultation Meetings by Area / Individual

We hold consultation meetings with consultants, specialized in regional job seeking. (it is occasional, please check for availability).

● Regional job seeking and internship guidance (for all students / in spring semester)

● Regional job seeking guidance (for all students / in spring semester)

Support Outside the University

In addition to the University support, external organizations are offering support for regional job seeking.

Some municipalities have support desks within the Tokyo metropolitan area, making it possible for students to receive support for regional job seeking in Tokyo. Also, some municipalities do not have a support desk within the Tokyo metropolitan area, but their regional job seeking support desks can provide consultations via e-mail.

Further, many events related to job seeking, such as seminars and symposiums for university students who want to return to their home town to seek employment as well as joint job fairs with regional companies, are held not only in local areas, but also within the Tokyo metropolitan area.



Agreement for Regional Job Seeking Support


Toyo University has signed an agreement to promote U-turn and I-turn*2 job seeking activities with following municipalities.


Municipalities Involved in the Agreement (Including Affiliated Businesses)

Yamanashi prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Akita prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Sapporo City, Chiba prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, Aomori prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Iwate prefecture (19 municipalities as of August 2020)




Month and Year of Signing


Yamanashi prefecture

August 2012


Tochigi prefecture

August 2015


Fukushima prefecture

January 2016


Hyogo prefecture

April 2016


Niigata prefecture

June 2016


Akita prefecture

August 2016


Nagano prefecture

December 2016


Fukuoka prefecture

December 2016


Osaka prefecture

March 2017


Ibaraki prefecture

September 2017


Ishikawa prefecture

November 2017


Yamagata prefecture

December 2017


Shizuoka prefecture

June 2018


Sapporo city

July 2018


Chiba prefecture

March 2019


Miyagi prefecture

October 2019


Aomori prefecture

August 2020



Affiliated Businesses Region

Affiliated Businesses


Gunma prefecture

G-Turn Club


Iwate prefecture

Iwate U/I-Turn Club


*1. U-turn: means someone who was raised in the countryside, moved to the city for education, and decided to return to their hometown or area.

*2. I-turn: means someone who grew up in an urban area and moves to the countryside for work.