Employment・Career Support Programs

For students who are expecting to graduate in September, 2020.

 Students who have decided the career path after graduation, please submit the "Career decision notice" to the Career Support  Office in the belonging campus.
Notifications are also required besides employment, such as, for course entrance into a school of higher grade , studying abroad, marriage and so on.
Career decision notice is also available through ToyoNet-G. Please input the imformation on the career path decision registration of the student menu.Please note that currenty ToyoNet-G is only available in Japanese

ToyoNet-G user manual (career path decision registration)

For the current students

Able to check news on each campus and the opening hours of the Career Support Office.






About Employment Related Certificate Issuings(Japanese)
Employment Information System (Japanese)
Useful links(Japanese)
For students who have decided the career path(Japanese)

For the Companies

Greetings from the President

Request for recruitment (Japanese)site

For the Alumni

Alumni List and Alumni Acceptance of student visit

About various certificates issued