Campus Academic Calendar

Notice on AY 2022 Spring Semester's implementation of class

March 4, 2022
Vice President of Education

In fiscal 2022, class in Spring Semester will basically be held in-person. We will not do the rotation that we did in Hakusan-campus last year.

From fiscal 2022, in addition to the "in-person credit transfer course on campus" which is conducted in-person class, a "remote-learning credit transfer course" will also open for all classes to be conducted online only, even during normal times. You can find out which course is the "remote-learning credit transfer course" by checking the syllabus or by looking at the screen in course registration. Please also note that Faculty will limit the maximum number of Credits for Graduation to 60 credits for registration. (Note: Credits for AY 2020 and AY 2021, which was exceptionally implemented to prevent the COVID-19, is not included in this 60 credits limitation.)

Depending on the situation of infection in the future, the classes may be limited to international student, which is unable to come to Japan due to restrictions on entry. However, special consideration may be given to allow students to attend classes not in person, such as simultaneous distribution online, even in the case of “in-person credit transfer course on campus” where class is held face-to-face. For further information, please follow the instructions and communications from instructor in charge of class.