President's Message


Message from the President

Etsuko Yaguchi, President, Toyo University

Two years have passed since the declaration of the pandemic, and these years have brought inconveniences that have restricted not only physical entry to university campuses but also daily life. With the introduction of online classes, student learning has also changed significantly. Moreover, the entire world has had to limit traditional free exchange for a certain period of time, compelling a slowdown in the progress of globalization initiatives such as accepting international students and sending our students overseas, which increased rapidly as a result of the development of internationalization projects. Under these difficult conditions, faculty members have a major role to play in providing diverse cultural exchanges through creative means, whether by making full use of IT and cutting-edge technology or by thinking flexibly.

The results of these efforts will surely be returned to society as knowledge for us to better overcome complex challenges.

No matter what difficult situations we may face, we would like to keep firmly in mind the words of our University's founding spirit, “the Basis of All Learning Lies in Philosophy,” and continue upholding the “Independence and Self-Initiative” and “Integrating Knowledge and Virtue” as our important educational goals. To this end, let us aim to nurture students who are capable of thinking deeply, establishing their own mode of living based on their own culture, and living with dignity and integrity with high ethical standards.

Our founder, Dr. Enryo Inoue, was a practitioner who devoted his life to social education, sincerely pursuing all that he could do for people. Going forward, we need to sustain our traditions that have existed since the Tetsugakukan (“Philosophy Academy” in English), provide the world with our accumulated academic achievements, and pursue education for those in the workforce while maintaining our evening course education (about 25% of evening course students nationwide are enrolled in our evening courses). As for new recurrent education, the collective provision of IT skills such as programming for companies, government offices, corporations, organizations, and schools, as well as the establishment of training systems for those who aspire to attain advanced professional positions, have already been initiated. University extensions in this direction are in line with our University's philosophy.

We also offer a variety of developments such as courses related to lifelong learning. This is the creation of a new image for a university that supports the transformation of people living in the 100-Year Life era, from the recipients of knowledge to the main creators of knowledge, and our University has the foundation to support such transformation. For this specific challenge, the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), which have been pursued worldwide since 2015, will serve as a foothold. A closer look at the 17 Goals proposed by the United Nations reveals that all of them are "goals for living naturally with mutual acceptance of others," and as a comprehensive university, Toyo University has researchers in a wide range of fields. Returning knowledge to the world entering the post-COVID-19 era through the results of diverse research also overlaps with these goals.

We hope that Toyo University will continue to be a university in which our faculty and staff members work together to demonstrate our fundamental strengths and overcome the difficulties that lie ahead, and that makes great contributions not only to the people of Japan but to those all over the world by “improving oneself for the benefit of others.”


April 1, 2022
Etsuko Yaguchi, President
Toyo University