Questionnaire to Current Students

About Questionnaire to Current Students

"Questionnaire to Current Students" is a questionnaire for 1st to 3rd year faculty students. It started in AY2015. This questionnaire will listen to the students' "voices", for the purpose of improving your education and learning experiences in Toyo University. We will ask you about your experiences in your classes at Toyo university.  In addition, we will ask you what the university should do to improve your learning experiences.

About AY 2018


Outline of the questionnaire

  • Submission period: Monday, 26th November to Friday 21st December. 
  • Target: 1st to 3rd year faculty students
  • Questionnaire contents: Opinions, suggestions and requests to Toyo University, related to your learning experiences. 
  • Time required: 5-10 minutes (approx)
  • How to answer: At ToyoNet-ACE