Education essential for the times."LINK@TOYO," an online magazine for adults.
LINK@ TOYO is a web magazine that supports the acquisition of knowledge regarding diverse topics such as living, business, social issues, sports, and arts through Toyo University’s pioneering research and human resources.
LINK@ TOYO offers extensive content, including the wide-ranging research unique to Toyo as a university and the activities of our diverse students and alumni.(English unavailable)

International PR Video, “Toyo U x To You” Released.
We've just released a PR video to introduce our research, education, and international students' life to the world. The video showcases the speed, internationality, and diversity of Toyo University, which is accelerating globalization. The video adopts a cinematic style where the emotions of the main character, an international student who encounters many people while traveling around our campuses, is vividly depicted. Also, the dynamic footage of campuses shot by a micro drone is used in the video portraying Toyo University which has been transforming itself into more globalized university. Enjoy!

The Employment Data for AY2021 (March 2022 Graduates) is Now Available on the Toyo University Website.
Please see the below URL for more information. (Available in English)

Check the newsletter back numbers packed with information helpful for campus life.
The back numbers of the newsletter are posted on the University’s official website

The Japanese edition of TOYO UNIVERSITY NEWS is available on the University’s official website. To read the Japanese edition, access the web page below.

Request for fundraising support for Toyo University’s education and research cooperation.
In view of the future of Japan and the world, Toyo University aims to establish itself as an advanced intellectual hub and strives to foster human resources who can play an important role in the international community. For this purpose, the University has set up a website to share related information and request donations to raise funds for the University’s education and research cooperation. The website can be accessed at the URL on the right.

Toyo University Official App is Available!
-Toyo University has released the “Toyo University Official App” to make students campus life fulfilling.
-It provides important information from the university, useful information when you have problems in campus life, and functions to enrich your learning.

Main features
  Provides notices from the university, and information about syllabuses, class schedules, class cancellations, and make-up classes.
  Contains a variety of information essential for student life, and will help you solve your problems.
●My Journey
  "My Journey" will provide you with new insights and opportunities by asking questions from the app.
●"Emergency notification"
  "Emergency notification" will quickly send important emergency messages to students, such as school closings in the event of a disaster.
Constantly updating the features of the app!

Cover photo : A lively atmosphere has returned to the Campus Plaza after the restart of in-person classes on campus (Hakusan Campus)


Date of issued: July 15, 2022

Published by: Toyo University

Edited by: Public Relations Section,General Affairs Office 5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606 Japan



The next issue will be published in December2022.