Inoue Enryo Research Database

Toyo University Repository

The Toyo University Repository for Academic Resources provides open access to the following resources published by Toyo University:

  • Inoue Enryo Selected Writings 『井上円了選集』 (all 25 vols.)
  • Annual Report of the Inoue Enryo Center 『井上円了センター年報』 (since vol. 1, 1992)
  • Bulletin for the History of Toyo University 『東洋大学史紀要』 (all 7 vols., 1983-1990)
  • Inoue Enryo's Thought and Practice 『井上円了の思想と行動』 (1987)
  • Inoue Enryo's Western Thought 『井上円了の西洋思想』 (1988)
  • Inoue Enryo's Academic Thought 『井上円了の学理思想』 (1989)

Digitized Writings

Open access to volumes 1 to 16 and 19 to 21 of the Inoue Enryo Selected Writings 『井上円了選集』as searchable e-text is provided here.

Digital Collections of the Diet Library

The National Diet Library Digital Collections include most of Enryo's published writings. Among the scanned materials from the Meiji and Taisho periods, there are also several works of Enryo that were not reprinted in the Inoue Enryo Selected Writings 『井上円了選集』. A list of these writings can be found here.

Tables of Life and Works

The PDF contains a comprehensive chronological table of Enryo's life and works, an alphabetical list of Enryo's works and the combined table of contents of the Inoue Enryo Selected Writings 『井上円了選集』. The data edited by Miura Setsuo were published in 2004 in the Annual Report of the Inoue Enryo Center 『井上円了センター年報』 (vol. 13) and in the Inoue Enryo Selected Writings (vol. 25).


Works and System of the Sciences

The PDF provides bibliographic information about Inoue Enryo's main works arranged according to his own system of the sciences.

Inoue Enryo's Works in his System of the Sciences

Bibliography of Japanese Language Materials

The excel files list all Inoue Enryo related literature (both primary and secondary) since 1875 until today.

Enryo Bibliography 1875-1997

Enryo Bibliography since 1997

Bibliography of Western Language Materials

The bibliography collects all secondary literature about Inoue Enryo in the Roman alphabet since his death in 1919. Information about additional materials is always appreciated.

Enryo_bibliography_updated April 2022 (updated April 2022)

Bibliography of Translations

The bibliography lists all known translations of Inoue Enryo's writings into Western languages and into Chinese. Information about additional materials is always appreciated.

Bibliography of Translations into Western Languages (updated April 2022)

Chinese Translations of Inoue Enryō's Works, 1889-1923

Historical Roman Alphabet Sources

This collection of contemporary roman alphabet sources about Inoue Enryo was published in 2011 in the Annual Report of the Inoue Enryo Center『井上円了センター年報』(vol. 20). The file made available below includes an errata sheet.

Rainer Schulzer. Philosopher's Ashes Return to Tokyo (2011)

Inoue Enryo's Lecture Tours

The file lists the Japanese place names and dates of Enryo's lecture tours through the Empire.

Data of Inoue Enryo's Lecture Tours

Transcription of Inoue Enryo's Notebooks

Most of Enryo's handwritten notes from his student years at Tokyo University have been transcribed and edited by Shibata Takayuki, who generously makes his work available online for further research. The first file provides an overview of the existing sources held by the Inoue Enryo Research Center.

1-1-3-2 最近哲学史
1-1-3-3 英文
1-1-3-3 和訳
1-1-3-4 英国哲学書
1-1-3-5 古代哲学
1-1-3-6 心理学
1-1-3-7 論理学
1-1-6-2 稿録乙
1-1-6-6 仏書講録
1-1-6-11 雑稿

Translation Glossaries

The glossaries below are work in progress. Extent of terms, names and titles is limited. The translations should be considered as suggestions.

Inoue Enryo and Toyo University: Names and Terms

Titles of Works by Inoue Enryo

77 Features of the Temple Garden of Philosophy

Philosophical Terms in An Evening Conversation about Philosophy by Ralf Müller

Glossary of Mystery Studies from Miura IIR 2 (2015)

Mystery Studies: Table of Contents by Okada Masahiko

Mystery Studies Terms (ongoing)

Contents of Bukkyo katsuron according to Joron (1st ed.)

Compiled by Rainer Schulzer

Updated April 2022