Standard of Conduct

Standard of Conduct|Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution

Established on April 1, 2008

The following actions shall be put into practice so that the directors and faculty at this incorporated educational institution may have an awareness of the impact on the public and society of the mission with which this educational institution has been entrusted, and execute their professional duties/roles with sincerity and a high ethical viewpoint in order to achieve the objectives of education.

  1. Train capable human resources
    We strive to provide education for the achievement of ideals and objectives, cultivate high levels of refinement and technical abilities, and train the human resources that society needs. For that purpose, we establish a learning environment, improve classes and curriculums, and always aim to raise the quality of education and research.
  2. Conduct research activities with a high ethical viewpoint
    We maintain a high ethical viewpoint in academic research activities, and provide our research results to society. Also, we maintain an environment in which no unfair practices of any kind can occur in our research activities while carrying out suitable research implementation and use of research funds.
  3. Create a sound work environment
    We make combined efforts for the achievement of ideals and objectives, maintain a safe, healthy work environment, respect each other’s personalities and human rights, and stringently avoid all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  4. Observe laws and ordinances
    We observe laws, ordinances and social norms, strictly avoid conduct that violates social standards, sincerely abide by the official regulations of the University, endeavor to appropriately manage and store information that we come to know in the course of our work, and act with good sense.
  5. Admission screening justly and with fairness
    We offer various opportunities to take entrance examinations, select applicants justly and with fairness, and carefully paying attention to the management of all related information.
  6. Contribute to society
    We always consider contributions and cooperation with the regional community, create an open university, believe that contributing to society is one of the important roles of an educational institution, and proactively return the results of education to society.
  7. Disclose information actively
    We actively release information related to the status of our educational activities and financial affairs not only to students, graduates, and guardians, but also to society in general, and maintain their understanding and trust toward incorporated educational institutions and schools.
  8. Consider the environment
    We are aware of the current state of deterioration in the global environment, and are involved in activities to protect the environment and  resources.
  9. Manage assets suitably
    We reasonably and efficiently manage assets and external funds, and use them only for legitimate business purposes. Also, we are rational and fair when selecting business partners, and do not make transactions from a personal standpoint.