Access (Itakura Campus)

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Public Transportation

Tobu Nikko Line - 10 minute walk from Itakura Toyodaimae Station

 Route examples and required time

  • Tobu Nikko Line - 60 minutes by express train from Kita Senju to Itakura Toyodaimae 
  • JR Utsunomiya Line from Ueno to Kurihashi and change at Kurihashi to Tobu Nikko Line up to Itakura Toyodaimae (68 minutes in total)

  • JR Saikyo Line from Ikebukuro to Omiya and change at Omiya to JR Tohoku Line to Kuriahashi and again change to Tobu Nikko Line up to Itakura Toyodaimae Station (63 minutes in total) 
  • School buses are being operated: between Tatebayashi Station and Itakura Campus and between Hanyu Station on Tobu Isesaki Line/Chichibu Honsen and Itakura Campus.

 Guidance of school bus on the Itakura Campus and regional buses


Tobu Railways

 Tobu Nikko Line-Itakura Toyodaimae Station Timetable

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