Brand Mark, Logo and School Color

Our Brand Mark

Toyo University’s brand mark symbolizes its educational principles, and is a key component that constitutes the core of our visual communication.

The university celebrated its 125th anniversary in November 2012, and as we look ahead to our 150th anniversary, we created a new brand mark with the aim of building a university that contributes to the future of global society and creating a new history, while preserving “Toyo University’s DNA” that has been passed down since its foundation.

Incorporating a motif of “a person” and “the Earth,” Toyo University’s new brand mark symbolizes the idea of a student, with wings spread, in dynamic flight to the world. It is also a representation of “global human assets” development through philosophy-based internationalization and career education, and of the joy and anticipation for the future that comes from aiming high.


Our Logo

Our university logo which uses a custom font places importance on readability while maintaining consistency with our brand mark. The university logo is used in combination with our brand mark or by itself.



Our School Color

Toyo University’s school color is “Tetsukon" (Iron Blue). The color “Tetsukon”, which is also used on our school seal and school flag, symbolizes and visually expresses the university’s educational principles, and serves as a way to convey the image of Toyo University in a consistent manner.


Color Name Tetsukon (Iron Blue)
Spot Color Chip PANTONE 281C( DIC:256)
CMYK C:69% M:68% K:71%
R G B R:23 G:25 B:76

Use of Brand Mark and Logo

Toyo University’s VIS (Visual Identity System) prescribes the use of its brand mark and logo. Please contact the below office when using the university’s brand mark or logo.


Toyo University General Affairs Office, Public Relations Section
Email:  Tel: 03-3945-7571