Toyo University History Booklet

Easy to understand by subject pamphlet series about this university and founder Enryo Inoue.

 Series 1-5 was issued on November 23, 2012, the 125th anniversary memorial day.
On March 20, 2014, series 6-15, on March 20, 2015 series 11-15 were issued and have concluded 15 copies.


1. Enryo Inoue's life

  • Boyhood
  • Study at the University of Tokyo
  • Foundation of private Tetsugakukan
  • Development to Tetsugakukan University
  • The Enryou, afterwards
  • Material  Enryo Inoue's life

2. Enryo Inoue's philosophy and thought

  • The word philosophy
  • The Enryo Inoue's philosophical view
  • Enryo Inoue's philosophy festival and four saints
  • Enryo Inoue's philosophy thought
  • Enryo Inoue's specter science and philosophy
  • Enryo Inoue's energism
  • From philosophy to real society

3. Enryo Inoue's educational idea

  • Something out of which the foundation of Tetsugakukan was formed
  • Enryou's education idea  The Rinsho board days
  • Enryou's education idea  After making the trip abroad, the first time.
  • Enryou's education idea  Horaicho days
  • Enryou's education idea  Making the second time trip abroad and after the Tetsugakukan incident
  • Summary
  • An appendix  Reorganization of the spirit for establishing a school
  • Reference data  About the contents of the so-called human power

4.  Human and Enryo Inoue -The founder's true face emerging from an episode

  • Nagaoka days
  • The University of Tokyo days
  • The Tetsugakukan days
  • Nation-wide junkou days

5. The Enryo Inoue's learning seen through a book

  • Where is "The Basis of All Learning Lies in Philosophy"?
  • Philosophy is not the mother of all studies
  • Enryo Inoue's learning system
  • Utilizing Buddhism through comparative religion.
  • Utilizing education
  • Asking for the true mystery
  • One day experience of Enryo Inoue's learning 
  • Material  Enryo Inoue main book chronological table.

6. Enryo Inoue's specter science

  • Youth and fear experience
  • Knowing the relation between specter and psychology.
  • From mystery research to a spector reasearch
  • Tetsugakukan and "specter science" lecture
  • Crisis of Tetsugakukan and specter study
  • Definition of "specter science lecture"
  • The concrete contents of "specter science lecture"
  • Enryou's philosophy and specter science

7. Enryo Inoue's nation-wide junkou-  Traveling Founder  Domestic Volume

  • First
  • The first lecture travel
  • The number of days, area, and contents of lecture travel
  • Regulation of lecture travel, ethics church and the national morality spread meeting
  • The state of the travel tool and the travel
  • At the end

8. The Enryo Inoue's world-wide travel- Traveling Founder  Overseas Volume

  • First
  • Background as the "flowering period in Meiji"
  • Iwakura delegation and the time-like background
  • Three times of Enryou's long travel and its significance

9. Tetsugakudo Park as a philosophy theme park- Embodiment of Enryo Inoue's philosophy

  • What is Tetsugakudo park
  • What Tetsugakudo park aimed
  • The manner of the use in Tetsugakudo park
  • Afterword
  • Reference data

10. Change in Toyo University judged from architectural history 

  • First
  • Until the Hakusan move.
  • From the Hakusan move to loss.
  • The high-growth period
  • Introduction of location control and the release
  • Last

11. A Look through Toyo University by people -Toyo University person series of biographies and and active graduates

12. The history of  Toyo University- volume of the prewar days- 

  • Tetsugakukan Founder Enryo Inoue (1858-1887)
  • Tetsugakukan and Tetsugakukan University (1887-1902)
  • Specialized school order and Toyo University (1903-1918) 
  • University Establishment Ordinance and Toyo University (1918-1945) 
  • At the en
  • Reference book
  • Toyo University related concise history chronological table

13. History of Toyo University -postwar volume I- 

  • Postwar reconstruction and Toyo University (1945-1957)
  • University and Toyo University (1957-1966)
  • University dispute and Toyo University (1967-1979) 
  • University reform and Toyo University (1980-1 1990)
  • At the end
  • Reference book
  • Toyo University related concise history chronological table

14. History of Toyo University -postwar volume II- 

  • First
  • The outline of a change in Toyo University after 2001
  • The Campus move
  • The establishment of the faculty and postgraduate course
  • The effort concerning internationalization
  • Aiming for qualitative repletion of education and ressearch- self-inspection, evaluation activity and FD activity-
  • The effort concerned with research activities
  • Student life
  • Meeting the 125th anniversary of Toyo University establishment.
  • At the end

 15. Toyo University's present and future- believing in internationalization-

  • Present-day interpretation of the spirit behind the establishment of a school
  • Educational policy of the present Toyo University
  • The current state of philosophy education
  • The current state of internationalization
  • The current state of career education
  • Education and study of Toyo University estimated in the world
  • The long-term vision of Toyo University
  • Establishment 125th anniversary commemoration business
  • The overall school plan