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*The grade points listed on page 2 of the leaflet  were changed in fiscal 2017 as follows. 


Grading Criteria

Credits are awarded for each registered subject, based on attendance records, examination scores (including written assignments), etc. For the evaluation method for each subject, refer to the "Grading Method and Criteria" section provided in the syllabus.

Pass/Fail Grade Scope of Evaluation Points Grading Criteria
Pass S 100~90 Learning goals were adequately achieved. The student’s performance was excellent.
A 89~80 Learning goals were adequately achieved.
B 79~70 Learning goals were reasonably achieved.
C 69~60 Learning goals were met at the minimum level.
Fail D 59~40

Learning goals were not met for some items,
but the goals may be met as a result of the student’s improvement in learning activities.

E 39 or lower Learning goals were not met for all or almost all items.
* Ineligible for grading

Fails to meet the grading requirements, such as attendance,
examinations and submission of assignments.

* Learning goals mentioned above refer to those described in the syllabus for the relevant subject.
* "Ineligible for grading" will be indicated on a grade report when grading is impossible due to poor attendance (failure to attend at least two-thirds of the classes), unsubmitted papers, or failure to take exams.
* Besides grades in the above table, a grade of T (abbreviation of Transfer) will be indicated as a passing grade when a subject taken at another institution abroad or in Japan which is accepted at Toyo University.

To earn credits for a registered subject, you must attend at least two-thirds of all classes and pass the prescribed examinations (including assignments and in-class exams).

GPA System

The GPA (Grade Point Average) is widely used by universities in Japan and abroad as an indicator to measure a student’s academic performance. When a student completes a subject, the student is assigned a letter grade. Each letter grade awarded has an associated numeric grade point value ranging from 0.0 to 4.3. The GPA is the average of grade points per credit for all subjects taken.

【GPA calculation formula】

* The GPA calculation considers only registered subjects that are counted towards graduation requirements.
  Qualification subjects and free elective subjects are not included in the GPA calculation.
* The grades included in the GPA calculation are S, A, B, C, D, E, and *(asterisk); a“ T” grade is excluded from the GPA calculation.
* If a student repeats a failed subject and receives a passing grade, the new grade will be used in the GPA.
* The GPA is rounded to the second decimal place. (The third decimal place is rounded off.)


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合否 成績表示 評価点の範囲 基準
合格 S 100~90 到達目標を充分に達成し、極めて優秀な成果を収めている。
A 89~80 到達目標を充分に達成している。
B 79~70 到達目標を達成している。
C 69~60 到達目標を最低限達成している。
不合格 D 59~40 到達目標を達成していない項目があるが、学修行動を改めることにより達成する可能性がある。
E 39以下 到達目標の項目の全てまたはほとんどを達成していない。
* 評価対象外 出席・試験・レポート提出等の評価用件を欠格。

* 上表の到達目標とは授業科目のシラバスに明記された到達目標を指します。
* 「評価対象外」とは、授業期間を通じ出席不良(3分の2以上の出席をしていない)、またはレポート未提出、試験の不受験のために成績評価の判断ができないものを指します。


GPA(Grade Point Average)とは、授業科目ごとの成績に対して、4.3~0.0のグレード・ポイントを付与し、この1単位あたりの平均を算出したもので、学生の学修到達度を測る指標として、国内外の大学で広く使われています。

* 対象とする科目は、卒業要件の科目とし、卒業要件以外の資格科目・自由科目は対象となりません。
* 対象とする評価は、「S、A、B、C、D、E、*」とし、認定の評価「T」は対象となりません。
* 再履修で評価を受けた成績については、最新の成績が反映されます。(GPA算出の分母にあたる「総履修登録単位数」にはカウントされません。)
* GPAは計算結果の小数点第3位を四捨五入し、小数点第2位までを表示します。