学際・融合科学研究科バイオ・ナノサイエンス融合専攻 修了生の主な研究テーマ


  • Development of a surface sensor on micro scales utilizing magnetic particles
  • Pcr utilizing polymerase/magnetic particle hybrids
  • Formation of fullerene nano structures via self-assembly



  • Synthesis and applications of semiconductor nanocrystals in biological imaging and solar light harvesting
  • Biocompatible nanoparticles: a nanoplatform for imaging and drug delivery to cancer cells
  • Mesoporous silica nanomaterials and silica coated nanomaterials -application in optical imaging andtreatment of cancer related angiogenesis
  • Advanced hybrid electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds for biomedical applications
  • Synthesis and characterization of targeted nano-regulators as potential therapeutic agents for controlling alzheimer's disease
  • Elucidation of i nteractions between nanostructures and bio-related materials
  • Development of electrical and electrochemical biosensors based on aptamer-conjugated carbon nanotubes and glucose oxidase immobilized carbonnanotubes

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