Student Voices (Asma Ben Salah)

Q. Please introduce yourself


Hello! My name is Asma Ben Salah, please call me Asma. I am from Tunisia.
I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2015 from Tunis El Manar University which is high institute of Medical Technologies of Tunis. Currently, I am pursuing my Master course at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science of Toyo University.
Arabic is my mother tongue, I can also speak French and English. In addition to that, I can understand a little bit of Spanish and Italian.


I am familiar with Japanese because I have been watched Japanese TV shows and read Japanese "Manga", when I was a child. I am a fast learner, loyal, hard worker that likes to take challenges, strives to be better in everything and keeps aiming for higher goals in my life.

Q. What made you to choose Toyo University for your research studies?

When I wanted to pursue my studies abroad, I automatically opted for Japan. I wished to living in Japan as I am in love with its culture and its kind people. So first thing I did was searching for a list of Japanese universities with outstanding research institutions, and among them was the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre.

Q. Are you enjoying your stay in the BNERC?

Totally Yes! It's a wonderful place to live if you opt to be a good researcher. Surrounded by warm-hearted people and stunning modern facilities... I wouldn't ask for more.

Q. What are the hardships you faced while coming over to Japan for higher studies?

I am lucky to have got the MEXT Scholarship. Thanks to my Japanese language knowledge, I am able to deal with different types of situations. As for my studies, I didn't find any language problem since all courses are taught in English. On top of that, I am very grateful to my supervisor Maekawa-sensei for always guiding me and helping me when I am in need. That can be said about the other professors, staffs and students of the BNERC. This would always make me think that coming to Japan is not a mistake at all.

Q. What are the surprising facts you found while comparing your country and Japan?

As you know, Japan is a country with a long history of earthquakes and seismic activity and I am from Tunisia who had never felt once before. I was a little bit concerned about that, but when I came to Japan I was amazed by the brilliant architecture of Japanese buildings and also by the fact that Japanese people react well to earthquakes. There is no doubt that Japan is a country better prepared than anycountry for natural disasters indeed.

Q. What is your recent research topic? Can you briefly explain?


My research is on the magnetic nano particles. I would like to initiate a new paradigm and realm called "Nanorobots". The most unique feature of magnetic particles is their reaction to a magnetic force and this feature has been utilized in different applications such as drug delivery, bioimaging and hyperthermic treatment, bioseparation...etc.


 Q. What inspired you to become a scientist?

I have read many stories about scientists who changed the world; it is always my dream to become one of them. Science is beautiful, when we are not only satisfy our own curiosity but also encourage it in others.

Q. What are your dreams and goals regarding future research?

We don't usually achieve our dreams and goals in one big leap, but it's done in small steps over time. I would like to concentrate on my current research at first and based on the results I will choose the path that would suit my curiosity.

Q. Please give a message to the overseas students who think about coming to Japan for their research study.

Studying in Japan can be a life-changing experience, a unique opportunity to discover a fascinating and captivating culture, learn new things about ourselves and also give our knowledge a tremendous boost. Therefore, I would highly recommend Japan as a destination to students who want to study abroad. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


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