“Media Careers” Lectures 「メディア・キャリア論」講義

“Media Careers” for Academic Year 2017
(Required course for 2nd year students in the Department of Media and Communications)

Many students in the Department of Media and Communications have a strong interest in the mass media industry and quite a few of them will work in a relevant field after graduation. This is a new course that started from the academic year 2017 which is a required course for the 2nd year students.

Specifically, we invite executives from major media-related companies such as newspapers, television, publishing, Internet media, movies, etc., as a lecturer for each session. They talk about characteristics, roles, current status and prospects of each company and industry.

All lecturers are busy working on the front lines of the media field. This lecture will give students opportunities to know not only the current realistic situations inside the industry that are unknown to general students, but also the future outlook of the ever-changing media world.



 メディ アコミュニケーション学科に所属する学生の多くはマスコミ業界に強い関心を持ち、卒業後、これらの分野に就職する人も少なくありません。この授業は、2年生を対象とした必修科目で、2017年度から新たに始まった科目です。