5. Commuting 通学について

 5-1. Student Commuting Passes・Student Commuter Certificates・Student Travel Discount Certificates

 5-2. Commuting by Bicycle 

 5-3. Important Notes for Bicycle Riders

   5-3-1. Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration
   5-3-2. Abandoned Bicycles

 5-4. Traffic Accidents

5-1. Student Commuting Passes・Student Commuter Certificates・Student Travel Discount Certificates
5-2. Commuting by Bicycle

It is a basic rule for the students at Akabanedai campus to use the public transportation for commuting.
However, those who meet the following conditions may obtain parking permits for bicycles.
* Note: Students are prohibited to commute by car or motorcycle (Including powered bicycle) and use the parking area.

Application Conditions
(1) Must be a student of Toyo University
(2) Must complete the application during the application period
(3) Is in the situation such as the applicant cannot make it for the last train or bus because of occasional prolonged research experiments or using the public transportation takes much longer time to commute
(4) Must have a valid Personal Liability Insurance / Cycle-Insurance

 Where to get / submit an application form
・Where to get an application form: Download from here.
・Where to apply: INIAD HUB-1 1F, Administration Office
・Application Period:  From April 1, 2019 – TBA

Application Documents
Submit document (1) and (2) and (3) when you apply.
(1) Completed application form for a parking permit
(2) Toyo University Student ID card (Copy)
(3) Certificate (Copy) of Personal Liability Insurance / Cycle-Insurance
 ・Applicant him/her self must be the insured person.
 ・Must be valid at the time of application.

Screening Result Notification
Administration Office will contact applicants by e-mail regarding the result of screening.
Please be aware that phone or e-mail inquiries regarding your screening results will not be accepted.
・Approved person will be issued a Parking Permit
* Valid period: Parking permit date – April 30, 2020

5-3. Important Notes for Bicycle Riders
5-3-1. Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration

When buying a bicycle, be sure to register it at the store. If you receive a second-hand bicycle from someone, be sure to check whether or not the bicycle has been registered. If it has been already registered by the former owner, make sure to update the registration at the police station.

5-3-2 .Abandoned Bicycles

Bicycles in fair condition can often be found in the trash or abandoned on the roadside. While it may appear that nobody owns these bicycles, you must refrain from using them. Bicycles in Japan are registered to their own owner to prevent bicycle theft. A bicycle that appears abandoned may have been stolen and discarded. If you are stopped by a police officer on an abandoned bicycle that was stolen, you may be considered as a suspect.

5-4. Traffic Accidents

Whether you are commuting to Toyo University or running errands, it is very important to be careful and pay attention so that you do not get involved in a traffic accident. In case you are involved in a traffic accident, you may have trouble continuing your studies, so it is important that you have additional insurance.

When you are Involved in an Accident
1. Regardless of who is at fault, before discussing any blame or settlement, call the police (Tel: 110) from the scene of the accident right away to report the accident. If the accident is not reported to the police, your insurance may not cover the accident and you may be responsible for extremely expensive medical bills and repair costs.

2. After calling the police, call your own insurance company.

5-1. 通学定期券・通学証明書・学割

5-2. 自転車通学

5-3. 自転車を購入・運転する学生の皆様へ

   5-3-1. 自転車の防犯登録
   5-3-2. 放置自転車について

5-4. 交通事故に遭遇した場合


5-2. 自転車通学


(1) 本学の学生であること。
(2) 申請期間内に申請手続きを行ったこと
(3) 研究・実験等で終電・バス等に間に合わない場合や、公共交通機関を利用すると著しく遠回りになる場合等の特別な事情があると本学に認められた者であること。
(4) 申請時点で有効な、「日常生活の事故により、法律上の損害賠償責任を負った場合に、対人賠償・対物賠償の双方をカバーしている保険(*)」に加入し、保険証券のコピーを提出できること。
 * 提出可能な保険の例:個人賠償責任保険・自転車保険
 * TSマーク保険は不可とします。

 * 駐輪可能台数の上限に達した場合は、申請受付を締め切ります。

(1) 駐輪許可申請書
(2) 学生証のコピー(両面)
(3) 申請時点で有効な個人賠償責任保険証券または自転車保険証券のコピー
 * 保険が申請者本人に適用される状態であること。
 * 申請日時点で保険期間が切れていないこと。


5-3. 自転車を購入・運転する学生の皆様へ

5-3-1. 自転車の防犯登録


5-3-2. 放置自転車について


5-4. 交通事故に遭遇した場合


1. 自分が事故に遭遇した場合は、必ずすぐに警察に連絡をしてください。警察への報告を怠ると、保険が適用されなくなる場合があります。
2. 警察署に連絡した後は、各自の保険会社に連絡をし、事故報告を行ってください。

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