Information Networking Business Innovation Course 情報連携ビジネス・コース

Developing managers who can start new businesses through networking


Nurturing talents who can establish new information businesses

We have entered an age in which computers have become ubiquitous, and even if we do not have special qualifications or expensive equipment, we can create new products and services if we acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.
Framework for starting new businesses by using the Internet in ways that were not imagined before are emerging worldwide. One example is crowdfunding: raising funds from a large number of people in the world.
The Information Networking Business Innovation Course aims to nurture students who are highly motivated to take on countless challenges, and who can establish new information businesses by organizing a team of collaborators.

Data-enhanced management

Information businesses today continue to collect large amount of information from all over the world via the Internet.
The ability to analyze large amount of data based on statistical analysis and to use the result of analysis for marketing and other business operations is indispensable to future businesses, particularly in the realm of information business driven by the Internet.
In the Information Networking Business Innovation Course, students study not only “business incubation,” which addresses methodologies for creating new businesses, but also “data science,” which helps to create strategies based on data analysis. This course aims to nurture management experts who have a solid foundation in data analysis.

Career paths

Network business developers, system engineers, programmers and researchers




現在、コンピュータは誰でも手に入るものになり、特別な 資格や高価な機器がなくても、知識とスキルを身につければ新しいサービスやモノを創れる時代になりました。
情報連携ビジネス・コースでは、何度でも挑戦するマインド を持ち、チームを束ねて、新しい情報ビジネスを構築する ことのできる人材を育成します。




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