Message from the Faculty of Human Life Design Dean ライフデザイン学部長メッセージ


Toyo University Faculty of Human Life Design Dean Doctor (medicine)
Kyohei Saito

東洋大学ライフデザイン学部 学部長 博士(医学)
齊藤 恭平

The Faculty of Human Life Design opened its doors to the public in April 2005 as the 9th Faculty of Toyo University, adopting a new, innovative academic discipline entitled “Human Life Design” ahead of other universities in Japan.  Ever since its establishment, the Faculty has been making steady progress for more than 10 years.

“Human Life Design” is a study which aims at systematizing knowledge and technology in order to create ideal human lifestyles in the 21st century, advancing beyond conventional concepts of  ‘welfare’ to deal with Japan’s low birthrate and aging society. The name as described by Katakana (“ライフデザイン”), the Japanese phonetic syllabary for loan words, indicates that the discipline deals with all the various aspects of “life” and “design” that these two English terms denote—regarding life: life as existence, everyday life, life as a journey, and life from birth to death; regarding design: design as shapes and patterns of equipment, buildings, cityscapes, etc., design as plans for systems, etc., and design as models for developing human life as a journey.

Thus, ‘The Study of Human Life Design’ based on the philosophy which lies in interdisciplinary focuses on the following three broad areas of academic discipline: 1) humanities and social sciences such as jurisprudence, sociology, psychology, pedagogy, and social welfare studies; 2) disciplines related to science and engineering such as product design studies, architectural engineering, and environmental science; and 3) sports and health sciences such as health sciences, health and sports, healthcare studies, rehabilitation sciences, and care welfare studies.

The Faculty of Human Life Design comprises three departments: the Department of Human Care and Support (comprising a Human Care and Support Course and a Social Work and Child Care Course), the Department of Health Care and Sports, and the Department of Human Environment Design. The students are expected to be the useful human resource developing their outstanding abilities such as powers of observation of society and creativity by enhancing their powers of reasoning and their sensibility based on a broad understanding of Human Life Design studies. This is because the faculty provides students with opportunities to pursue their studies not only into each area of expertise relevant to their department or course of affiliation, but also with crossover opportunities to register for classes in “welfare,” “childcare,” “health,” and “sports,” and also “city planning” and “design.”

The Faculty of Human Life Design aims to create a new human society after transcending conventional boundaries of welfare society.  It is our sincere wish that the students will study in this unique learning environment and become an excellent human resource who will support society.

Toyo University Faculty of Human Life Design Dean Doctor (Ph.D)
Hiroko Mizumura

ライフデザイン学部 学部長 博士(学術)