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Department of Human Care and Support (Human Care and Support Course), Faculty of Human Life Design ライフデザイン学部生活支援学科生活支援学専攻

Educational Objectives

The educational objective of the Human Care and Support Course is finding ways to create a healthier society wherein people with disabilities, the elderly, young children, and anyone else who needs support can live comfortably. Based on a wide range of knowledge in social welfare, the aim is to educate true professionals who can play active roles in various fields such as social welfare, nursing care, public welfare services, and mental health welfare, while supporting students to become highly skilled and well trained professionals.

Course Description

As society has been experiencing significant social and economic changes in recent years, and social welfare itself is facing dramatic changes in regulations and institutions in related areas, the needs of highly capable professionals who can deal with such situations actively have been greatly increasing. This course provides a highly specialized curriculum, which reflects the requirements for acquiring professional qualifications. We assist students in becoming qualified professionals such as social workers, care workers, and psychiatric social workers.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

The Human Care and Support Course provides the opportunity for students to acquire eligibility requirements for several national examinations such as those for social workers, care workers, and psychiatric social workers. One of the unique features is that students can create an individual curriculum with subjects from other Departments incorporated based on their own goals. With our social welfare curriculum as a basis, students can organize their own learning by freely adding subjects from the Department of Health Care and Sport and the Department of Human Environment Design. In this way, students can learn about a wide range of fields including health promotion, housing, and sports. Students can gain an abundant knowledge in mental health care as well as a high level of knowledge and techniques while acquiring the latest caregiving techniques and learning how to coordinate caregiving with medical practices. With help from professional instructors who are actively involved and are playing an important role in the social welfare field, the Course provides an overall support for students who join professional trainings and internship programs in the fourth year. Based on a curriculum which is carefully designed according to the legal revisions, current affairs, and people's needs, students are trained to be professionals with a sense of responsibility and expert skills while preparing for national qualification assessments.

 Human Care and Support Course Human Care and Support Course
Human Care and Support Course Human Care and Support Course
Human Care and Support Course Human Care and Support Course
Human Care and Support Course Human Care and Support Course








生活支援学専攻 生活支援学専攻
生活支援学専攻 生活支援学専攻
生活支援学専攻 生活支援学専攻
生活支援学専攻 生活支援学専攻